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We regularly review cases and comment on those we find may be of interest.  Below you will find our latest case updates.

R v Mitchell (Angeline)

A jury does not need to be satisfied of the truth of each incident when considering propensity; they should consider on all the prosecution evidence if they are satisfied that there is propensity.
19 December 2016

R v John Coleman

Where a defendant is struggling to pay a costs order, properly made in the Crown Court, the correct forum to deal with this is the Magistrates Court; not the Criminal Court of Appeal.
21 November 2016

R v Johnson & Others

Consideration of the principles that apply to appealing based on the decision in R v Jogee [2016] UKSC 8
21 November 2016

Forbes & Others, R v

A sentencing judge should have regard to the guidelines, applying them in a measured and reflective manner with reference to the maximum sentence at the time of the offence.
18 October 2016

Dunn & Anor v The Crown

A conviction may be unsafe where there is a disclosure failure that significantly undermines the credibility of an important witness.
18 October 2016

Powell & Another

Piercing the corporate veil in order to include a pecuniary advantage obtained by a defendant's company when calculating his POCA Benefit
1 September 2016

KK v Director of Public Prosecutions

Whether evidence given in a Newton hearing by one defendant was admissible in a trial against a co-defendant where the trial and the Newton hearing were heard at the same time in the Youth Court.
1 September 2016

Kahar & Ors, R v

The Court of Appeal provided guidance for sentencing section 5 Terrorism Act 2006 offences.
13 July 2016

R v Lionel Rae Fruen

Consideration of s.236A of the CJA 2003, the new "Special custodial sentence for certain offenders of particular concern".
13 July 2016

R v Paul Maurice Needham & Ors

When combining a period of disqualification from driving with a custodial sentence the sentencing judge should give effect to the intention of Parliament that disqualification should be served when the offender is at liberty in the community.
3 June 2016

R v Bala & Ors

A spouse in a polygamous marriage may benefit from s.2 (2) of the Criminal Law Act 1977, provided their marriage is recognized under English law.
3 June 2016

Socha v D.C. Ostravia (Czech Republic) & Ors

A defendant in extradition proceedings is not entitled to a witness summons compelling the production of material in respect of a parallel domestic criminal investigation
18 April 2016

Edutanu v Iasi Court of Law & Ors

A European Arrest Warrant (EAW) with “merged” offences will be valid if the substantive offences for which sentence must be served are particularised.
18 April 2016

Johnson, R

In this case the defendant sold a house to her daughter for £20,000 below value - the balance being a 'gift'. When the property was later repossessed a £44,000 debt remained. However, the court refused to grant an appeal that the order was disproportionate despite the gift being no longer available.
21 March 2016


The Judicial Committee of the Privy Council wrongly interpreted the common law when they developed the principle of “parasitic accessory liability”. Foresight should not be equated with intent. Foresight is simply evidence (albeit sometimes strong evidence) of intent to assist or encourage the principle to commit the crime, with the required mens rea for that crime, which is the proper mental element for establishing secondary liability.
21 March 2016

R v AIL, GH and RH

Prior to the coming into force of the Anti-Terrorism, Crime and Security Act 2001, section 1 of the Prevention of Corruption Act 1906 included within it an offence of corrupting an agent of a foreign principal or a foreign body.
10 February 2016

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