Catherine Roberts


Following 6 years of practice at the Irish Criminal Bar, Catherine joined 3TG in 2011. She quickly developed a reputation as a committed and tenacious advocate while her engaging approach and realistic advice has made her immediately popular with lay and professional clients alike, many of whom seek her assistance on a repeated basis.

Since joining chambers she has developed a busy practice representing clients at all stages of the criminal process. She has a flourishing practice in the Crown Court as well as frequently appearing in serious trials in the Youth Court. She has been instructed in all aspects of general crime including Conspiracy to Supply Class A, Possession of Firearms (Section 5), S.18; GBH with intent, robbery, sexual assault, possession of child pornographic images, exposure and outraging public decency.

Catherine has represented a number of vulnerable defendants in both the Crown and Youth Courts. She has experience in obtaining assistance for youth defendants and has undertaken specialist training in dealing with young defendants with 'Just for Kids Law'.

Catherine has successfully represented respondents in contested ASBO hearings, confiscation and cash forfeiture proceedings.
Outside of the Court Catherine is an experienced campaigner and currently holds the position of Policy Officer with the London Irish Lawyers Association. She has been at the forefront of chambers response to the Ministry of Justice's plans to "reform" the criminal justice system and together with Saul Herman drafted chamber's response to the recent consultation.

Catherine is Chambers Secretary to the Pupillage Committee.

Sample Cases:

R v KK; Catherine's client was charged in respect of a nationwide conspiracy to supply class A. This case required detailed analysis of complex cell site evidence. Following defence representations on the day of trial the Crown offered no evidence against the defendant.

R v RT; Possession of Child Pornographic Images. Catherine had conduct of this case from the outset whereby she set up a defence which ultimately meant that the Crown had to offer no evidence at trial for which another counsel represented the client due to a prior commitment.

R v T R: Catherine's client was charged with ABH. Multiple witnesses placed him in the bar at the time of the assault. Catherine made a successful half-time submission addressing the identification evidence.

R v MN; Catherine's client was charged with Burglary (Dwelling). Multiple witness accounts placed the defendant in the house at the time of the burglary. Following defence representations the Crown offered no evidence.
Youth Court.

R v TO; Catherine's client was charged with joint enterprise robbery whereby a tourist was violently assaulted and robbed on a London canal. Following detailed analysis of CCTV footage, the defence was able to show that the defendant had removed himself from the group during the commission of the offence and therefore from the joint enterprise. He was acquitted of the robbery.

Sentencing and Other:

R v MK; Catherine's client was charged with S.18 GBH with Intent. Following representations the Crown accepted a plea to S.20 on the basis of excessive self defence.

R v A H; Catherine's client was sentenced in respect of the theft of engagement and wedding rings of high value when employed as a carer for an elderly lady. Following a plea in mitigation the sentencing judge was convinced not to impose an immediate custodial sentence.

R v KO; Catherine's 15 year old client was convicted of a non dwelling burglary during the so called London riots. Following a plea in mitigation the client received a YRO. He was the only defendant from six to receive a non custodial sentence.



Catherine was called to the Irish Bar in 2005

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