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High Profile Cases


SFO v Rolls-Royce (DPA)




R -v- Williams - the murder of PC Dave Phillips





R -v- Rose - the blackmail case involving Tamara Ecclestone (daughter of Bernie Ecclestone, the Formula One Head)


R -v- AW & Others - the murder trial involving Dale Cregan who shot the two PC's in Manchester in 2012 


R (ex p.DR) v Luton Crown Court [2012] EWCH 1064 (Admin); [2012] 1 WLR 2777; [2012] 4 All ER 1238; [2012 Crim LR 703  - the leading authority in Custody Time Limit cases


Operation Forbear - £385 million pound multiple MTIC Operations and Trials

R -v- Contostavlos & Others - the 'Dappy' (N-Dubz) affray case


'The Cardiff 3' - the high profile alleged police corruption case.


R v Barri White - successful defence of the man wrongly convicted of the murder of his girlfriend as brought to light initially by the BBC programme 'Rough Justice'. His conviction was quashed in the Court of Appeal where chambers were first instructed and the defendant was subsequently acquitted at the re-trial. Another man was convicted of the murder in September 2013.


R -v- Donnison - The much publicised case of the Sussex mother who killed her 2 young children


R -v- Ordinwale & Others - Victoria station murder  of a schoolboy which occurred during a rival school fight in and around the station.


R -v- Kassaye and Others - The £40 million Graff jewellery heist


R -v- Chowdhury and Others - country's largest copyright fraud

R -v- Driza - blackmail of a Judge

R -v- Holt and Others - DVLA conspiracy to defraud

R -v- Hussain - 5 month election fraud

R -v- Kirby - conspiracy to supply £80 million of cocaine

R -v- Lynch - conspiracy to supply £11 million of drugs

R -v- Manning - The murder of eight-year-old Victoria Climbie which led to major changes in child protection policies in the UK


R -v- Napper - The infamous murder of Rachel Nickell on Wimbledon Common


R -v- Oldfield - the headless corpse 'Blue Lagoon' murder


Re: Patel - mother using false address for school placement (test case)

Re: Selman - Coldstream Guards Iraq war courts martial


Our barristers are no strangers to difficult and challenging cases and our criminal law expertise has seen our counsel appear in many high profile Crown Court cases including the Victoria Climbie trial, the murder of Rachel Nickell, the £40 million Graff jewellery heist and 'The Cardiff 3' to name but a few.