Neena Crinnion

Call 1997

Neena Crinnion is a highly experienced leading junior with a wealth of experience in both defending and prosecuting serious cases across a broad spectrum of criminal work.

She is regularly instructed in cases of murder including baby shaking, attempted murder, child cruelty, serious organised crime (including multi-handed conspiracies involving the importation and supply of both firearms and Class A drugs), Encrochat, armed robbery, serious sexual offences, exploitation and fraud.

Neena is fearless and direct in court, a robust and tenacious advocate known for meticulous case preparation and persuasive submissions which deliver results.

Having defended and prosecuted serious and complex crime in equal measure, she has invaluable expertise in navigating a case to its best advantage and for devising a focussed case strategy.

Neena appeals to all professional and lay clients given her strong work ethic and robust representation combined with sound common sense, judgement and a relatable approach.

Through her medical background and volume of experience in serious crime, she has particular expertise in cases involving complex medical causation, DNA and other scientific evidence, ballistics, cell site and digital evidence including Encrochat. She is well versed with all police practice and procedure in the investigation of crime and has dealt with many cases involving complex disclosure and PII issues. This experience is priceless in the context of any disclosure issues which almost always arise.

A significant aspect of Neena’s practice has involved sexual offences, both prosecution and defence. She has a deserved reputation for dealing with vulnerable witnesses and defendants.

She is a Level 4 prosecutor on the Crown Prosecution Service Advocate Panel, Serious Crime Group Panel, Fraud Panel and Proceeds of Crime Panel. She is also a Level 4 prosecutor on the specialist rape list.

Neena has a reputation for being a feisty, dynamic and engaging advocate with uncompromising integrity.


Neena is an extremely capable advocate in this area of crime. She is popular with both lay and professional clients for her determination in the face of challenging evidence, clear strategic case management, and expertise in causation of injuries and the analysis of scientific evidence.

Featured Murder/ & Manslaughter cases

R v SM (Guildford Crown Court)

Defendant charged with murder and attempted murder, accused of knocking down then repeatedly running over the bodies of two men, killing one and seriously injuring the other. Careful analysis of the pathology and neuropathology evidence as to the likely timing of the fatal injury, and a counter narrative of the incident, led to acquittal on murder and attempted murder. Led junior.

R v TJS (Central Criminal Court) 2021

Multi-handed gang ‘postcode’ murder of M&S employee. Complex mixed profile DNA evidence. Led junior.

R v TF (Inner London Crown Court) 2021

Before Mr Justice Cavanagh. Defendant charged with murder of brother of US rapper 21 Savage. Jury shown footage of the knife fight. Successful non-defendant bad character application. Defendant acquitted of murder. Led junior.

R v AW (Central Criminal Court) 2021

Adult defendant charged with two youths with attempted murder. Victim trapped in a bike shed and stabbed multiple times. Vulnerable prosecution witnesses called and expert medical witness on wound tracks. Cut-throat defence with two youths standing against the defendant. Only defendant to be acquitted after two-week trial.

R v AB (Central Criminal Court) 2018-19

Defendant charged with murder of his baby son by shaking. Five-week trial involving 12 prosecution experts. Led junior. Cross examined 10 prosecution doctors and experts. Acquitted.

R v BV (Central Criminal Court) 2019

Defendant charged with and acquitted of attempted murder following shooting at close range inside a busy London Underground train. Three-week trial.

R v AB (Central Criminal Court) 2018

Defendant charged and acquitted of murder of undercover police officer. 10-day trial.

R v LB (Harrow Crown Court) 2019

Vulnerable youth charged with attempted murder. Machete attack in Kilburn in broad daylight. Crown’s ID case successfully challenged through s.78 argument which led to prosecution offering no evidence on first day of trial.

R v TH (Inner London Crown Court) 2019

Death by dangerous driving. Stockwell ‘hit and run’. Basis of plea at trial properly reflected all the facts of the incident and placed defendant in lowest culpability bracket for sentence.

R v RS

Defended woman charged with attempting to murder her five-year-old son by leaping in front of a London train.

R v ZM (Croydon Crown Court)

Five-week trial. Attempted murder. Defendant broke into former girlfriend’s home and shot her and her new partner multiple times. Junior alone. Convicted.

R v S and others (Central Criminal Court)

17-day attempted murder trial. Led junior. Five defendants attacked victim with knife inside corner shop. Complex cell site evidence which led to convictions.

R v W and C

Murder trial and retrial (13 and 22 days). Complex forensic evidence including blood spatter evidence. Led junior. Victim repeatedly stabbed in presence of a hostage. Defendants traced and successfully prosecuted.

R v RA (Isleworth Crown Court)

Prosecution of parents accused of suffocating their three-month-old baby, having broken all limbs and ribs at different times. Father subsequently attempted to kill baby whilst on ICU in hospital. Complex medical evidence on causation of multitude of injuries. Convictions obtained.

R v DO (Croydon Crown Court) 2018

Death by dangerous driving. Successful introduction of bad character in the absence of convictions, witnesses called. Convicted after eight-day trial.

R v EM

Death by dangerous driving. Two pedestrians were killed outside a primary school by the diabetic defendant who ran an unsuccessful defence of automatism. Case involved voluminous medical evidence. Expert medical evidence on both sides. Convicted following three-week trial.

Featured Violence cases

R v ONM (Central Criminal Court) 2021

s.18 wounding. Defendant challenged the identification. ID was supported by an alleged confession. Trial followed a three-day voir dire. Following the cross examination of prosecution witnesses, including the alleged confession witness, there was a successful half time submission. Not guilty verdicts entered.

R v P & V

Conspiracy to cause GBH. Female university student conspired to have her ex-boyfriend stabbed, causing life threatening injuries. Convictions obtained after two-week trial.

R v PF (Harrow Crown Court)

Successful prosecution of conspiracy to cause GBH. Targeted bureau de change.

Neena has defended and prosecuted all manner of serious and organised crime. For many years, she prosecuted the organised crime groups who came to the attention of the Flying Squad and Operation Trident.

More recently, with a defence-weighted practice, she is regularly instructed in cases involving young men in gangs and defendants caught up in large-scale drugs and firearm conspiracies involving extensive phone evidence and encrypted messaging platforms such as Encrochat.

Featured Organised Crime cases

R v LW (Chelmsford Crown Court) 2020-21

Conspiracy to supply Class A drugs. Operation Shark investigating the activity of a recognised organised crime gang. Huge-scale drugs operation importing and distributing Class A drugs over a three-year period. OCG using Encrochat and laundered proceeds through Crypto currency, Bitcoin.

R v TF (Inner London Crown Court) 2021

Large-scale county lines drugs case. Defendant was tried for trafficking a 15-year-old boy. Not guilty verdict entered after successful submission of no case.

R v AB (Inner London Crown Court) 2020-21

Operation Gilta charged 22 defendants with selling drugs to undercover officers. All pleaded guilty except for this defendant who was acquitted of six counts following a four-week trial. Case involved copious cell site evidence, complex mixed profile DNA, and drug expert evidence. Disclosure persistence led to the Crown being compelled to disclose the contemporaneous notes of the undercover officer after he was called to give evidence. The notes appeared irregular in a number of ways. Defence handwriting expert commissioned then called to give evidence. Defendant’s name had been added after the notes were written. Defendant acquitted on all counts. Leading junior.

R v SW (Chelmsford Crown Court) 2020

Operation Sceptre. Large-scale conspiracy to supply Class A and B drugs. Leading junior in five-week trial. Defendant was severed and tried alone due to Covid in advance of others.

R v AF (Snaresbrook Crown Court) 2019

Gangs. Acted for first defendant in aggravated burglary. £250,000 and three shoebox-size blocks of cocaine stolen. Detailed defence statement drafted and served raising defence of duress. Prosecution offered no evidence and co-defendant, who had already pleaded guilty, was allowed to vacate plea.

R v DTK (St Albans Crown Court) 2018

16 year old charged with conspiracy to transfer loaded firearm which had been discharged at festival. Detailed analysis of cell site of numerous phones and CCTV timings. Not guilty.

R v OS (Kingston Crown Court) 2018

International arms dealing. Led Junior. Numerous importations of submachine guns, pistols and ammunition from Eastern Europe. Weapons distributed using networks across the UK with seizures being made in London, Leicester, Nottingham, Midlands and Sheffield.

R v RP (Central Criminal Court) 2017

Defended in Flying Squad multi-handed case of 10 linked armed robberies. Defendant acquitted of seven of the robberies. Detailed unpicking of Crown’s cell site evidence. Leading Junior.

R v NF (Snaresbrook Crown Court) 2018

Defendant charged with witness intimidation following shooting. Successful application to dismiss.

R v CBS (Southwark Crown Court) 2019

Defendant charged with robbery as part of a group caught on camera stealing Rolex watches from high-end jewellers in West End. Only defendant to have a trial. Acquitted.

R v ST (Kingston Crown Court) 2018

Multi-handed NCA case of £8m money laundering by Organised Crime Group. Not guilty verdicts.

R v JM (Croydon Crown Court) 2019

Multi-handed conspiracy to supply commercial quantities of cannabis and cocaine. Not guilty verdicts.

R v KLE (Harrow Crown Court) 2019

Gang robbery of £30,000 Cartier watch. Targeted and followed the victim. Successful half time submission.

R v S & others

Defending in multimillion-pound benefit fraud by Romanian nationals.

R v Y and others (Harrow Crown Court)

Operation Trident. Three-week trial. Conspiracy to transfer loaded firearms and perverting the course of justice. Leading. Convictions obtained.

R v JJ (Isleworth Crown Court)

Operation Trident. Possession of firearm with intent to endanger life. S.73 cooperating witness. Conviction obtained.

R v M and others (Harrow Crown Court)

Flying Squad. Multi-handed conspiracy to rob trial involving 21 offences. Leading. Convictions obtained after 14-day trial.

R v B, P and F (Croydon Crown Court)

Flying Squad. Series of armed robberies. All convicted.

R v H and others (Blackfriars Crown Court)

Leading for the Crown, Flying Squad. Case involved a string of armed robberies.

R v T and others (Harrow Crown Court)

Leading junior in four-month five-handed commercial armed robbery for Operation Grafton. Involved a lorry hijacking in which a hostage was taken. Convictions obtained and lenient sentences of two defendants successfully referred. (Instructed as junior counsel in the AG’s reference).

R v YY (Harrow Crown Court)

Notorious armed robber. Convicted of 12 armed robberies over two-year period.

R v O (Blackfriars Crown Court)

Eight-week prosecution of string of armed bank robberies. Convictions obtained.

Neena has a great deal of experience in sex offence cases and has dealt with rape cases from an early stage in her career. She has built up the expertise to deal with the most serious cases and is often engaged on a private basis by the defence. She is adept at handling stressed lay clients and quickly engages confidence. She has the expertise to deal with both vulnerable defendants and witnesses. Her manner, clear strategy and attention to detail have proven to be successful.

Featured Sexual Offences cases

R v JJ (Central Criminal Court) 2015-16

Operation Articulate. Multi-handed 51-day trial. Aylesbury grooming case. Acquitted on retrial.

R v SA (Isleworth Crown Court) 2017

16-day rape trial. Privately instructed. Acquitted in less than 10 minutes.

R v IC (Kingston Crown Court)

Sexual assault on co-worker. Acquitted after six-day trial.

R v CH (Central Criminal Court) 2018

Historic rape of stepdaughter. Acquitted within a few minutes after seven-day trial.

R v SD (Oxford Crown Court) 2017

57-day trial. Junior for the first defendant. Acquitted. Dismantling of the police investigation led to collapse of three follow-on trials for others.

R v AB (Inner London Crown Court) 2018

13-day trial. Multiple rapes. Defendant alleged to have taken over victim’s home. Acquitted.

R v TB (Central Criminal Court)

Defendant charged with rape. Acquitted.

R v JS (Blackfriars Crown Court) 2018

Historic rape of daughter. Acquitted after 10-day trial.

R v MJ (Kingston Crown Court) 2018

Vulnerable adult accused of rape. Not guilty.


Secured acquittal in gang rape of 12-year-old girl. Result pivoted on the successful challenge to “overwhelming” DNA evidence which was complex and involved partial mixed profiles of components common to all defendants. Case was unusually sensitive as it involved only partial disclosure of the defence due to issues with privilege against self-incrimination.

R v L & others (Inner London Crown Court)

Defended 16 year old on allegations of gang rape. Extensive and meticulous preparation of the unused material which founded bad character and s.41 applications. Acquittal secured at conclusion of complainant’s evidence.

R v M and another (Kingston Crown Court)

Successful defence of woman alleged to have lured multiple victims to her home for them to be sexually assaulted by male co-defendant.

R v BM

Successful defence of decorated colour-sergeant in Gurkha Rifles on allegation of rape.

R v JG (Harrow Crown Court)

Mentally vulnerable student acquitted after seven-day sexual assault trial.

R v CB (Reading Crown Court) 2020

Retired school teacher charged with historic rape of adopted daughter. Vulnerable adult witness.

R v SN (Inner London Crown Court) 2018

Complainant incapacitated through alcohol and had no memory of events. Carried away by stranger defendant and repeatedly raped. Convictions obtained after nine-day trial.

R v AY (Inner London Crown Court) 201

Stranger rape. Female victim followed home and raped in her hallway by defendant. Convictions obtained after five-day trial.

R v FP (Snaresbrook Crown Court)

Historic child rape case. Multiple complainants with offences dating back to 1970s. Convictions obtained.

R v CB (Wood Green Crown Court)

Rape of American student. Convicted after nine-day trial.

R v BF (Isleworth Crown Court)

Transgender woman step-parent on step-son. Six-day trial.

R v JG (Central Criminal Court)

‘Date rape’ trial. Convicted after seven-day trial.

R v AC (Inner London Crown Court)

Teacher accused of sexually assaulting pupil. 11-day trial.

R v DC (Kingston Crown Court)

Multiple violent rape of an elderly pensioner. Convicted.

R v HS (Snaresbrook Crown Court) 2019

Defendant patient sexually assaulted his nurse repeatedly. Convictions obtained.

Neena has dealt with a number of cases in which a defence under the Modern Slavery Act has been raised. She is extremely familiar with the NRM process and how to successfully advance the defence at trial, where the CPS continue proceedings after both positive and negative decisions.

Featured Modern Slavery cases

R v K (Inner London Crown Court) 2021

Sitting at the RCJ.

Featured Fraud cases

R v JA (Snaresbrook Crown Court) 2019

Multi-handed fraud involving the sale of car insurance to young drivers through Instagram. Successful application to prevent Crown from re-adding the defendant to the main conspiracy. Not guilty after four-week money laundering trial.

R v SL (Woolwich Crown Court) 2019

Multi-handed money laundering trial involving proceeds stolen from a church fraud.

R v PG (Reading Crown Court)

Led junior in five-month trial. Represented head of maintenance at Mars chocolate factory.

R v A and others

Multi-handed conspiracy to defraud. Convictions obtained.

R v McD and others

Complex chip and pin refund fraud and associated money laundering. Convictions obtained.

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  • Called to the Bar Gray’s Inn 1997
  • BVC Inns of Court School of Law 1996-7
  • CPE Law Conversion 1996
  • Grad Dip Phys 1989

  • Gray’s Inn
  • Criminal Bar Association
  • South Eastern Circuit
  • Chambers E & D Officer
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