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Simon Connolly successfully defends 'The Bexley Blogger' on appeal against conviction

Simon Connolly has successfully defended 'The Bexley Blogger' who had been charged under section 127 1(a) of the Malicious Communications Act 2003 after he swore in a tweet about local Council representatives. After a failed attempt to prosecute for Harassment, the prosecution tried to prosecute under the 2003 Act. The court accepted the defence submissions that the language used, in this day and age was not Grossly Offensive and remarks made could not be taken as a serious threat and therefore criminal. These were no more than flippant remarks and should have been taken as such. The prosecution was stopped at the close of the prosecution case. Mr K was delighted with the result and thanked Simon in his own inimitable style!

Simon was instructed by Aletta Shaw Solicitors




17 August 2012

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