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Simon Connolly successfully defends Trade Union Executive

A trade union executive accused of Internet harassment was fully exonerated by the court at Yeovil after a two day hearing. The defendant had claimed that his blog was justified by his right of freedom of expression under article 10 of the Human Rights Act and in any event, was a reasonable response to the behaviour of the complainant.

Simon Connolly was instructed by Aletta Shaw because of their success in the well publicised case of the Bexley Blogger ‘Olly Cromwell'. The defendant was acquitted with a defendant's costs order, before the complainant had even completed his evidence, after the prosecution witness was shown to have given ‘unbelievable' explanations about his conduct over trade union bank accounts and his unfair treatment of the defendant. The court went out of its way to express sympathy with the defendant over how badly he had been treated by his accuser.

Simon was instructed by Aletta Shaw



19 March 2013

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