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Christopher Bertham achieves acquittals in witness intimidation case

Mr L was accused of five counts of witness intimidation and intentionally encouraging witness intimidation. He was acquitted of each count unanimously.

The complainant invited Mr L's children (aged 15 and 13) into her flat to socialise and to drink alcohol. At 4am Mr L was called by his son (13) as he claimed he had been threatened by one of the adults present in the complainant's flat, and his sister remained in the flat.

Mr L arrived and was accused of kicking the door to gain entry and threatening the occupants with a knife (alleged to have been poked through the letterbox). The door was said to have been 'snapped in half'. Police arrived and Mr L left without speaking to them.

The following afternoon he phoned the complainant and he was alleged to have threatened to hurt the complainant and her family, specifically to stab her partner and her young children if the complaint against him wasn't dropped. He phoned again the next day, allegedly to maintain the threats and to threaten further violence if the complaint was not withdrawn. The complainant and her family then went to stay with her mother.

A week later a group of men obtained access to the block of flats where the complainant and her mother lived and shouted out her name through her door, they stated that they were watching her, and that this was her 'last warning' to drop the charges.
A week later, two men entered the same address and punched her twice to her face and side of her head, so hard that she lost consciousness, after hearing them say 'you've been warned'.

The jury heard Mr L deny the charges. He accepted the phone calls occurred but stated he was investigating what had happened in the flat before he was called at 4 am. He denied any responsibility for arranging the visit and the later assault by the unidentified men.

The jury returned their unanimous not guilty verdicts on all counts within an hour.

Christopher was instructed by Tahmina Majid of Tahmina & Co



15 April 2013

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