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John Coffey QC and Jonathan Woodcock appear in multi-handed Kempston murder case

John Coffey QC and Jonathan Woodcock appear in multi-handed Kempston murder case.

Serafettin Demirsay was known to everyone as ‘Sharif' and lived with his long term partner Parshini Salhotra in an end of terrace bungalow. The elderly couple were devoted to each other and enjoyed good relations with their neighbours. On the evening of the 14th May 2013 they were both at home but Sharif felt unwell when there was a knock at the door. Sharif went to answer it and three hooded youths burst into the house carrying knives demanding to know "Where's the gold, where's the money?" and shouting "Kill him, kill him". Sharif was attacked and suffered a total of 11 stab wounds. One stab wound to the heart proved rapidly fatal. Mrs Salhotra described them as jumping up and down like animals. She was herself stabbed in the arm as she attempted to protect Sharif by attacking one with a hoover pipe whilst two others kicked Sharif as he was lying on the ground. The incident lasted 3 minutes. The defendants were aged between 15 and 18 at the time of the murder.



John and Jonathan were instructed by Gordon Young & Co

16 June 2014

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1970 (1996)

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