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Richard Storey secures acquittals in firearms trial

Richard Storey has secured the acquittal of a defendant charged with conspiracy to transfer firearms and possession of a firearm after a trial lasting one month at the Central Criminal Court.

A Met Police Trident operation stopped a vehicle being kept under observation in Hackney, London. In the vehicle they found a holdall containing a pistol, a sawn off shotgun and ammunition. Richard's client's DNA was found on the pistol and the handover of the firearms, observed by specialist observation officers, was in close proximity to his residence at the time. Richard was required to cross-examine the Crown's expert, a Senior Forensic Examiner, at length concerning the DNA evidence. The trial also involved detailed legal arguments over the course of several days.

The jury unanimously acquitted his client after two days of deliberations whilst convicting two others.

Richard was instructed by John Fuller & Partners





7 July 2014

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