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Shona Grundy secures acquittal in 7-handed robbery

Shona Grundy represented one of 7 defendants charged with an affray, arising out of a fight at a bar in the Lewisham area. Both 'sides' of the fight were in the dock and so the trial involved what was, at times, a heated 'cut-throat'. The case was made more complex by the fact that the 'other side' had managed to dispose of the CCTV evidence before the police secured the scene (the 'other side' having initially been treated as victims). Despite the prosecution initially investigating this alleged act of perverting, the prosecutor at trial decided not to make it part of the Crown's case. This meant that Shona was forced to lay all of this evidence out before the jury as part of the cut-throat defence.

This case was made even more challenging by the fact that because Shona's client was charged extremely late in the proceedings, there was a gap of only 7 days between the Preliminary Hearing and the Trial starting within which Shona could prepare her case. Shona's client was acquitted after a trial lasting 3 weeks.

Shona was instructed by Adrian Gillan and Vanessa Wiggins of Bark & Co.



7 April 2015

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Shona Grundy