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Counsel friom 3TG praised by Judge in 'double kidnap' case

Simon Smith, Jonathan Woodcock, John Femi-Ola, Saul Herman and Adam Wolstenholme were all praised for their conduct of a ‘double kidnapping' case. His Honour Judge Dawson commented that Counsel involved had:

"Every one, both leading and junior demonstrated the highest standards of legal skill, professionalism and commitment. On each side an appropriate ferocity of argument (when required) was delivered, but always with great skill, balance, good sense and good grace."

The trial took almost six months at Snaresbrook Crown Court, and concerned allegations that an individual had been twice kidnapped by two separate groups of people, and burned to the face with a heated iron. Complex issues arose as to SOCPA agreements, cell site evidence, and a number of ‘cut throat' defences, leading to the Judge's comments.

12 June 2015

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