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Chris Bertham ensures early acquittals for all defendants in a money laundering conspiracy

A large fraud involving unauthorised use of credit cards resulted in purchases of gift cards for use in Apple Stores.

The Defendants worked for a mobile phone company that bought Apple products with gift cards.

Police searched the address of the mobile phone company and seized many documents that related to the purchasing of Apple products with gift cards and evidence of trade in the UK and abroad. The credit on some of those gift cards had been added from unauthorised credit card use.

The 8 Defendants were charged with a conspiracy to convert criminal property. Their defence was that they themselves were the victims of fraud, they had given adequate consideration when purchasing the gift cards and they were running perfectly legitimate businesses. They had not known or suspected that they had purchased criminal property, and had not agreed to do so.

Through Chris Bertham's persistent disclosure requests, aimed at verifying the lawfulness of the searches conducted by the police, the prosecution reviewed their case on the third day of trial and decided that they should offer no evidence against all Defendants.

All Defendants were acquitted, avoiding the necessity of a 6 week trial.

Christopher Bertham was instructed by Shearman Bowen & Co.


3 March 2016

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