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Counsel from 3TG commence in multi-handed conspiracy to murder at the Central Criminal Court

Adam Davis QC, Peter Rouch QC, John Femi-Ola QC, Simon Shannon and James Wing start a multi-handed conspiracy to murder trial at the Central Criminal Court.

The trial is estimated to last for five weeks.

Adam and James are instructed by Pickwick Solicitors  https://www.pickwicksolicitors.co.uk/

Peter and Simon are instructed by Rahman Ravelli Solicitors https://www.rahmanravelli.co.uk/ 

John is instructed by Cotisens Solicitors http://cotisens.com/ 

14 January 2021

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Peter Rouch QC

1972 (1996)

Adam Davis QC

1985 (2012)

John Femi-Ola QC

1985 (2017)

Simon Shannon


James Wing