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Angharad has a flourishing criminal defence practice with a wide breadth experience in the Youth, Magistrates' and Crown Courts. She is known for her ability to quickly and competently grasp central issues. She has experience in dealing with vulnerable clients, including those with varying physical and mental disabilities, and is able to confidently put all clients at ease during the court process. 

Angharad is regularly instructed in the full range of criminal offences both on a private and publicly funded basis. Angharad's instructions cover a wide range of matters including violent crime, dishonesty, confiscation, weapons, drugs, road traffic and public order offences.

Angharad is listed by LexisNexis as a corporate crime expert: 

She joined 3 Temple Gardens in April 2020 following completion of her pupillage. Prior to joining chambers, she worked as a paralegal at Rahman Ravelli Solicitors specialising in financial and complex crime as well as civil recovery. Angharad also worked as a legal researcher for a QC spending 6 months focusing on fraud, money laundering and civil recovery.

Angharad is the founder of ‘Griffin LAW', a pro bono project advancing social mobility at the Bar. Prior to this, Angharad was the director of "Vocalise", a pro bono project teaching debating to prisoners. She also sits on the Women in Criminal Law Committee.

Notable Cases

R v AO [2020]: AO was charged with PWITS class B. The Crown offered no evidence following a successful s.78 argument to exclude all evidence relating to the telephones found in AO's possession.

R v LG [2020]: LG was charged with harassment (fear of violence) against his ex-partner. Following trial LG was found acquitted despite numerous threatening calls made by LG being played at trial.

R v AJ [2020]: AJ was sentenced for 2 PWITS class A charges which fell within Category 3 Significant Role on the Sentencing Guidelines. I persuaded the Judge to move outside of the Guidelines and AJ received a suspended sentence.

R v DJ [2020]: DJ was sentenced for PWITS class A which fell within Category 3 Significant Role on the Sentencing Guidelines. I persuaded the Judge to move outside of the Guidelines and DJ received a suspended sentence.

R v RJ [2020]: RJ was a youth charged with robbery and assault with intent to rob. Following a successful submission of no case to answer the robbery charge was thrown out at half time. RJ was acquitted of assault with intent to rob following trial despite the Crown having a strong case against him.

R v ZQ [2019]: ZQ was a youth charged with possession of a bladed article and robbery. Successfully made submissions as to breaches of PACE to exclude all identification evidence causing the Crown to offer no evidence in a robbery matter

R v CD [2019]: CD was charged with assault on an emergency worker. Drafted representations in relation to the mental capacity of the Defendant in relation to her lack of possession of the mental component needed to commit the crime, leading the Crown to review, then discontinue the charges.

R v WL [2019]: WL was charged with possession of an offensive weapon and assault on an emergency worker x3. Secured a suspended sentence for a Defendant where who was a second-striker for possession of an offensive weapon. The starting point was 6 months immediate custody.

R v AD [2019]: AD was charged with assault on an emergency worker. Despite 4 Officer's giving consistent evidence AD was acquitted.

R v ST [2019]: ST was charged with fraud by false representation. I represented him at his committal for sentence and secured a suspended sentence.

R v LB [2019]: LB was a youth charged with PWITS class A. I identified issues that substantiated a need for a NRM referral to be made. Before conclusive grounds were received I drafted representations to the Crown to review the charge. As a result the charge was dropped against LB.


The University of Law L.L.M Distinction
The University of Law BPTC Very Competent
The University of Law GDL Commendation
Swansea University History B.A (Hons)


2019 Ann Felicity Goddard Scholarship, The Honourable Society of Gray’s Inn
2018 Criminal Bar Association Bursary for excellence in advocacy
2017 The Ede and Ravenscroft Award
2016 The Treasurer’s Award, The Honourable Society of Gray’s Inn
2015, 2016 & 2017 The Internship Award, The Honourable Society of Gray’s Inn
2015 4 King’s Bench Walk Advocacy Prize

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The Honourable Society of Grays Inn
Criminal Bar Association
Women in Criminal Law
Young Fraud Lawyers Association
Young Legal Aid Lawyers
Grifin LAW - Founder

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