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Flavia was born in Romania, educated at Oxford University and called to the Bar in 2005. She has developed an exclusively defence practice and appears both as a leading and led junior across the spectrum of criminal law, including allegations of serious violence, complex fraud, people trafficking and rape. Flavia is frequently instructed in multi-handed and sensitive cases where the evidence extends to many thousands of pages and presents an international dimension.

Flavia is the only British criminal barrister fluent in Romanian. She provides general legal assistance to the Embassy and has become the 'go-to' lawyer amongst the UK's Romanian community. Flavia has recently become a media commentator on legal issues involving Romanians.

Flavia is respected amongst her peers as a fiercely articulate and determined advocate whose meticulous preparation, coupled with intellectual flair, ensures she masters the most complex of briefs.

In October 2014 Flavia received the prestigious "Ambassador's Award" for services to the Romanian community in the UK. The award was presented to Flavia by the Romanian Ambassador. Please see 'Recent News'.

Flavia is accredited to receive instructions via the Public Access Scheme.

Flavia Kenyon is ranked in Chambers and Partners UK Bar Guide 2018 and has appeared since 2013. Please see below a link to Flavia's profile in the directory.


Flavia is also ranked again in the 2017 edition of The Legal 500 where it says:

Flavia Kenyon...'She combines great enthusiasm with a strong work ethic'

The 2016 edition of The Legal 500 quoted...'As enthusiastic as she is approachable and erudite'


Recent work includes: leading junior in a multi-handed case of people trafficking and rape, and a high profile cyber fraud case.

Notable Cases:

People trafficking for exploitation and rape:

R v HS & Others - 'Operation Reportage' - Oxford Crown Court - 2015

Representing a 22 year-old man who was acquitted of gang rape and one count of sexual activity with a child. He was convicted of two separate counts of sexual activity with a child and received a sentence of 4 years and 9 months imprisonment. This was a two month trial involving multiple defendants and multiple counts (26 counts) of sexual activity with children and rape. The trial involved difficult cross-examination of seven vulnerable young girls through an intermediary and complex s41 and bad character legal arguments.


R v DN - Basildon Crown Court - 2014

Unanimous not guilty verdicts in a case of rape and assault by penetration alleged against an 18 year old client. The case involved difficult cross examination of a 15 year old complainant.

R -v- S & Others - 'Operation Svanetia' - Woolwich Crown Court - 2013-2014

Flavia appeared as leading junior for the first defendant in this two months long trial of conspiracy to people trafficking for exploitation, conspiracy to organise sham marriages and a series of rapes. The case presented an international dimension with evidence from Slovakia played out against a background of Roma culture.

The defendant, a Slovakian Roma, was said to be in charge of an international trafficking ring bringing woman from Slovakia to the UK and forcing them into sham marriages to non-UK nationals in order to enable the men to gain residency and to remain in this country in breach of immigration laws.


Flavia has gained experience in a wide range of complex fraud and money laundering, conspiracy to defraud, large scale benefit frauds, and other dishonesty matters, including confiscation and seizure of assets.

R -v- I & Others - Inner London Crown Court - 2013-2014

Described by the Police Central e-Crime Unit as "the biggest case the PCeU has dealt with to date, and the biggest cyber phishing case so far in the UK";

Flavia appeared for the third Defendant charged together with two others with conspiracy to commit fraud by launching phishing attacks targeting banks in the UK and worldwide. The conspiracy involved use of two servers, one in France and one in America storing personal details of almost 30,000 bank customers, of which 12,500 were in the UK. The value of the fraud was estimated to be in the region of £59million.

R -v- T - Bristol Crown Court - 2013

Flavia represented a Romanian national charged with a large scale benefit fraud amounting to £120,000 over a 5 year- period. On the day of trial the prosecution were forced to offer no evidence as a result of the defence successful legal argument on a motion to quash the indictment based on a deficient committal.

R-v- S & Others - 'Operation Heddon' - Southwark CC - 2012

Flavia appeared as led junior counsel in a 3 months long trial of a Barclays bank manager who, together with 6 others, faced allegations of conspiracy to a large property fraud and conspiracy to money laundering. The case involved evidence obtained via use of a covert listening device placed in a motor vehicle owned by one of the conspirators. There were two conspiracies which overlapped: one conspiracy involved stealing properties by forging title deeds at the Land Registry. The money from the sale of the properties was being laundered through accounts held at Barclays bank, under the guidance of the defendant.

R-v- A - Snaresbrook Crown Court - 2012

Suspended Sentence for a female defendant convicted of laundering £14,000 through Barclays bank accounts.

R-v-KG - Inner London Crown Court - 2012
Acquittal of 18-year-old defendant charged with burglary of the Croydon shopping mall during the London summer riots.

R-v-R - Wood Green Crown Court -2011

Flavia acted for a Romanian national charged with defrauding the DWP of £114,000 and forgery of Home Office documents which were used in the fraud. The case involved difficult cross-examination and close analysis of immigration papers held in at the UKBA and Home Office correspondence, which revealed an inside fraud.

Following half time submission of no case to answer, the Judge dismissed the case. Prosecution unsuccessfully sought to appeal the Judge's ruling.

R-v-Dumitru & Others, - 'Operation Golf' - Southwark Crown Court - 2011

Acted for one of the main defendants in this nine- handed case of benefit fraud involving a pan-European investigation as part of Operation Golf. The group targeted the UK benefit system, and made fraudulent claims over a significant number of years using false identities and fraudulent documents, claiming more than £800,000. The case received media attention and was covered in the national press.

R-v- Olmazu & Others - Southwark Crown Court - 2010

Acted for one of the defendants involved in a multi-handed conspiracy valued at £2 million in defrauding the DWP, HMRC, and other various government departments.

R-v-LV & Others - Southwark Crown Court - 2010

Acted for female defendant, part of a six-handed conspiracy to steal valued at £240,000. The conspiracy targeted retailers and storages of high value mobile phones across the country.

People trafficking:

R-v-N & Others - Snaresbrook Crown Court - 2011.

Successfully secured the acquittal of the main defendant, a 24-year-old Romanian footballer accused of organising the trafficking of women from Romania into the UK for prostitution and controlling their prostitution for gain.

R-v-V & Another - Croydon Crown Court - 2011.

Successfully defended man charged with trafficking a woman within the UK for sexual exploitation.

R-v-N & Others - Wood Green Crown Court - 2010.

Appeared as led junior counsel for the female defendant who was acquitted of conspiracy to people trafficking.

R-v- BV & Others - Reading Crown Court - 2008.

Defended in this first case of people trafficking prosecuted under section 4 of the Asylum and Immigration Act 2004. It was a five -handed case involving a Roma family charged with trafficking a 13 year old girl from Romania to the UK with the intention to exploit her for commercial purposes.

Violent Crime:

R-v-C & Another - Winchester Crown Court- 2011.

Successfully defended a youth charged with s 18 wounding with intent: a stabbing incident involving two rival gangs.

R-v- I & Others - Wood Green Crown Court - 2010

Acquittal of a youth charged with violent disorder.

R-v-DeJ - Inner London Crown Court - 2010.

Acted for a man charged with harassment, affray, witness intimidation and criminal damage. Trial collapsed following cross-examination of the OIC which revealed failures by the Crown to investigate the matters properly and to disclose the existence of a witness crucial to the defence. After discharge of the jury at a first trial, there followed a successful application to stay proceedings as an abuse of process, which prevented the Crown embarking upon a second trial.

R-v-T - Carlisle Crown Court - 2010.

Represented a vulnerable defendant charged with s18 wounding with intent, stabbing of ex-girlfriend in bed, which was successfully reduced to a plea to s20, and to a considerably shorter sentence as a result: 16 months' imprisonment.

Appellate Cases:

R-v-Hoxha [2012] EWCA Crim 1765

Successful appeal against sentence: 8 month's imprisonment reduced to 4 months imprisonment for an Albanian man convicted after trial of possession of a forged driving licence with intent.

R v Kluxen, Rostas and Adam [2010] EWCA Crim 1081

Flavia appeared as single and led junior alongside Christine Laing QC in this test case on the issue of recommendations for deportation of EU nationals. This was the first case to be decided since the implementation of the EU directive, 2004/38/EC on Freedom of Movement into UK law by the Immigration (European Economic Area) Regulations 2006, and the coming into force of the UK Borders Act 2007.

R v Adam and Rostas, COA [2009] EWCA Crim 1951

Successful appeal against sentence: 2 years' imprisonment in a young offenders' institution reduced to 18 months for a part played in a conspiracy to defraud.



Oxford University, BA (Hons), English and French.
Post graduate Diploma in Law, BPP Law School, London.
Bar Vocational Course, BPP Law School, London.

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Lincoln's Inn
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Languages: Romanian and French

Publications: 'Deportation': Two views on Kluxen', Feature article in Archbold Review, Issue 6, July 2010

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