John Femi-Ola QC

1985 (2017)

John was appointed Queen's Counsel in 2017 and is a highly experienced and respected leading counsel in all areas of criminal defence work.

In the early years at the bar, he taught criminal law on a part-time basis to post-graduates who wished to become barristers and solicitors and read various publications including national daily newspapers for defamation. Throughout his professional career, he has been instructed in factually complex and intellectually demanding cases.

He has been instructed in terrorist and extradition cases and has been briefed as leading counsel in cases alleging murder, human trafficking/sexual exploitation, large scale fraud, drugs, money laundering and gangland shootings. He has been instructed to defend doctors, solicitors and footballers accused of serious crimes in the Crown Court.

He previously served on the Gray’s Barrister’s Committee and is currently a member of the Criminal Bar Association and the South Eastern Circuit.

John is accredited by the Bar Council to provide Public Access services

Recent Notable Cases:

R v P & Others  - leading for the defence. Secured the acquittal of a Bouncer accused of manslaughter by gross negligence following a four week trial at the Central Criminal Court.

R v B & Others - representing a defendant charged with the murder of a teenager following a gangland dispute. Following a trial at Kingston Crown Court which lasted over a month, the defendant was acquitted.

R v CY.  Representing a defendant charged with a stranger rape at Woolwich Crown Court. After a trial that occupied the court for two weeks the defendant was acquitted following a section 41 application. Applications under section 41 are difficult and rarely successful.

R -v- S & others. Representing a University Officer charged with others of conspiracy involving the importation of 19 kilos of cocaine. Maidstone Crown Court.

R -v- A & others. A substantial conspiracy to defraud involving an international dating company. A number of complainants gave 'live' evidence at the trial from the United States via video link. Leading counsel. Snaresbrook Crown Court. 

R-v- A & others. Allegations of 'honour' kidnapping (teenage lovers); false imprisonment; violence and perverting the course of justice. Six defendants and instructed to represent the first defendant on the indictment.Croydon Crown Court.

R-v- H & others. Large scale wine fraud. Allegation of conspiracy to defraud over a number of years involving millions of pounds. Defendant was one of the directors of the wine company. Leading counsel. St Albans Crown Court.

R –v- A & others . Indictment included allegations of murder, conspiracy to transfer firearms and possession of firearms with intent to enable others to endanger life. The case included an allegation that a co-defendant was executed in order to prevent his participation in the trial (the murder count). Leading Counsel at trial. Central Criminal Court.

R -v- B - Secured aquittal for doctor accused of rape and other serious sexual assaults upon another doctor following a Christmas party. Wood Green Crown Court.

R -v- G - Pastor accused of number of rapes - Aquitted - Croydon Crown Court.

R -v- Apinoko - Leading junior in conspiracy to defraud financial institutions over a number of years. First on indictment. Aquitted after 8 week trial - St Albans Crown Court.

R -v- N - Murder and attempted murder of 15 others in an arson attack - Junior Counsel.

R -v- Wabara - 7 Defendants. Gangland murder and attempted murder. Central Criminal Court.

R -v- Adusei - 9 Defendants. Conspiracy to cause GBH with intent, related to a murder. Central Criminal Court. Leading Counsel.

R -v- Joseph - 2 Defendants. Attempted murder. Central Criminal Court.

R -v- Kabalika - 2 Defendants. Murder. Central Criminal Court.

R -v- Georgiev - Allegation of a campaign of rape against women over the course of a year, four complainants. Snaresbrook Crown Court. Leading Counsel.

R -v- Ewa - Human trafficking; women from Eastern Europe for the purpose of prostitution, controlling prostitutes and running brothels. Southwark Crown Court. Leading Counsel.

R -v- Wong - 7 Defendants. Trafficking of women from the far east for purpose of prostitution all over the UK. Plymouth Crown Court. Leading Counsel.

R -v- Lee - 6 Defendants. Armed Robbery and endangering the lives of police officers. Maidstone Crown Court. Leading Counsel.

R -v- Olaniyi - 2 Defendants. Large scale conspiracy to defraud banks and financial institutions. Woolwich Crown Court. Leading Counsel. 2008.

R -v- Ahmed - 12 Defendants. Conspiracy to cause GBH with intent, linked to a murder. Wood Green Crown Court.

R -v- O'Sullivan - Allegation of sexual abuse of a four year old child by her uncle. Isleworth Crown Court.

R -v- Anderson - 7 Defendants. Conspiracy to defraud several banks. Client sole defendant to fight the case. Croydon Crown Court.

R -v- Aikulola - Fraud - Basildon Crown Court Leading Counsel.


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