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Jonathan is a leading junior practicing almost exclusively in crime, prosecuting and defending at all levels. He has led in multi-handed cases of armed robbery and legal aid fraud and recently in a six handed case of kidnap, false imprisonment and blackmail where his lay client was acquitted of all charges. Please see the link to the BBC news report below.

He has extensive experience of acting alone in cases of serious violence, sexual offences, drugs conspiracies and bribery and corruption. He has a particular interest and experience in large scale frauds and other cases involving complex and voluminous data requiring detailed analysis.

Jonathan is extremely approachable and tries to make himself readily available to solicitors at all times, by phone, email or in person, advising as necessary throughout the course of a case. He is always prepared to attend for conferences in chambers, at solicitors' offices or in prison. He regularly assists in obtaining expert reports and keeps disclosure under review. He is particularly tenacious in pursuing relevant and appropriate applications for disclosure, particularly third party disclosure, and recently succeeded in securing an acquittal in a serious child sex case following cross-examination of child complainants on the basis of third party material, which initially had been withheld and which he sought, eventually successfully, to have disclosed.

Jonathan has acted in a number of contested confiscation hearings both under the old regimes and under the Proceeds of Crime Act. He has experience of acting for youths charged with serious offences and with cross-examining very young witnesses in many types of case including, for example, children as young as six in child sex cases. He has also dealt with vulnerable defendants including those suffering from mental illness, recently representing a man for an assault on a nurse at the high security psychiatric hospital where he was already detained without limit of time. The case involved consideration not only of issues of fitness to plead but mental capacity at the time of the commission of the offence.

Jonathan also practices in the Courts Martial having appeared at the Military Court Centre in Sennelager in Germany and welcomes instructions in this procedurally and substantively specialised area of law. He has also acted in numerous drugs related cases from simple cases of possession with intent to supply to large scale conspiracies.

Jonathan is accredited by the Bar Council to accept instructions in Public Access matters in general criminal matters including road traffic cases and regulatory work.

He makes extensive use of computers and online technology and welcomes delivery of case papers in electronic form.

Jonathan is accredited by the Bar Council to provide Public Access services.

Recent cases include:

R -v- P and others (multiple armed robberies of banks and department stores),
R -v- R and others (bribery involving driving instructors and examiners),
R -v- L and others (violent disorder involving pitched battle outside a nightclub resulting in the paralysis of one of the co-defendants),
R -v- R (breach of copyright involving the sale of £1m worth of counterfeit Burberry shoes),
R -v- J (kidnap, false imprisonment and blackmail),
R -v- C (confiscation proceedings relating to a £12m tax fraud),
R -v- C (trading standards case alleging serious fraud by a group of used car salesmen),
R -v- E (solicitor charged with legal aid fraud)
R -v- B (firearms).



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