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Justin is a highly experienced practioner. A seasoned jury trial advocate and formidable opponent.

Justin's case experience includes multi-million pound frauds; very large drug importations; murders; rapes and other serious sexual assaults; and other offences involving violence especially instances where fatalities occur.

Before being called to the Bar, Justin was a senior equity partner in a Legal 500 firm of solicitors and has practiced as a criminal defence lawyer for some 33 years.

His practice covers all criminal courts across England and Wales, and he is regularly involved in defending high-profile cases.
Justin was one of the first solicitor-advocates to be appointed and was also one of the first to be instructed by the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) to prosecute in the Crown Court.

He is a direct access barrister and also has qualifications to enable him to act in police stations as a duty solicitor holding a dual capacity practicing certificate.

He is a member of the Secretary of State's standing committee for the review of military law, and appears for the defence in courts martial wherever UK troops are stationed. He is also president of ‘Forces Law', the national organisation that provides assistance and representation to service personnel and their families.

Justin is a signatory on the Armed Forces Covenant.

Justin also sits as a member of the Legal Aid Agency's complex case appeals committee, and he undertakes work as an independent cost adjudicator.

He has written articles on military law, appeared in training videos, and has advised on the production and scripting of feature films.

Justin is an associate tenant at Zenith 10 Park Square, Leeds.

Recent Cases

R v C and others, 2016
Acted as junior in an allegation of murder when all other defendants were youths. Acting as a group, they entrapped and knifed a man they thought was a paedophile. Heard at Chelmsford Crown Court.

R v W 2017
This defendant was one of 8 who was accused of being involved in a substantial drugs supply ring within the Black Country and the West Midlands. It involved the supply of Class A drugs. This defendant was found within the address that was used to repackage the drugs. After a 5 week trial he was the only one who was acquitted. Wolverhampton Crown Court.

R v C, 2017
A 19 year old female defendant who was accused with others of a conspiracy to murder. She was accused of threatening to kill a woman who she had never met nor who was aware of the threats. Snaresbrook Crown Court.

R v W, 2017
A defendant who was subjected to a ‘hard stop' by armed police officers in Watford. When searched a loaded firearm was found on teh front passenger seat of the car which he was driving. After a lengthy trial which saw the conviction of all others he was acquitted. Harrow Crown Court.

R v E, 2017
European national accused of gross commercial exploitation contrary to the Modern Slavery Act. This man was said to be the lead In an organisation that brought people from eastern Europe to the UK and then sort 2 exploit them financially keeping them as the prosecution service in squalor.
The case was tried before a jury Kingston Crown Court when is currently subject to leave having been granted appeal conviction.

R v J, 2017
A company director faced trial. Prosecution having been brought against the individual the limited company and a an employee. Prosecution followed very extensive investigation that resulted after the tragic death of an elderly female cyclist when she was struck by a part of a vehicle driven by one of the defendants.

R v S, 2017 Defendant was accused of attempted murder of her former husband who visited her at her home. The defence was one of self-defence: the defendant complained that she was raped by the witness and she feared that she would be subject to further assaults. Birmingham Crown

R v W, 2018
St Albans Crown Court. The defendant a man in his mid-20s was accused of rape and very serious sexual assault alleged to have been carried out on his sister. The offences were historic in that it was said that they took place when he was 12 and the sister 8. After a two week trial he was found not guilty of all charges.

R v L, 2018
Southampton Crown Court. The defendant was accused of being one of a gang who broke into the complainant's house and attacked him with a claw hammer and knives. The injuries were very serious.
After a lengthy deliberation the jury were unable to reach a verdict and they were discharged.

R v J, 2018
A lengthy trial before a jury at the Crown Court at Snaresbrook where Justin led another member of chambers. The defendant was accused of tobacco smuggling. HMRC conducted months of surveillance on all the defendants in this case and located a tobacco processing plant. The loss to the public purse in taxes exceeded £1 million.

R v P, 2018
Winchester Crown Court. The defendant was acquitted following a trial where it was said that he attacked a fellow worker on a building site. The prosecution case was that he attacked the alleged victim with a 1.5-meter solid metal iron bar hitting him with such force that the bar bent on impact. He was found not guilty.

R v M, 2018
A trial at Stafford Crown Court where defendant was accused of various parts of sexual assault against a teenage male lodger. The defendant was acquitted on the order of the Judge.

R v W, 2018
A Former Gamekeeper who was alleged to have been involved in an shooting where a firearm was discharged fatally wounding a passenger in his car. The case tried at Caernarfon Crown Court.

R v K, 2018
What was described as a ‘public execution' when a sawn off shotgun was used in a quiet suburb of Birmingham to shoot at point blank range the driver of a car HK was indicted with murder

R v S, 2018
A man was accused of rape at Cardiff Crown Court when he had attacked a female whilst at a Viking re-enactment weekend.

R v D, 2019
The defendant indicted with Murder following a incident in a public house. The Crown advanced that the attacker was frenzied attack on anyone or any thing that got in his way.

R v W, 2019
The defendant appeared before the Crown Court in Birmingham accused of attempting to murder a fellow resident in his accommodation. It was said that the attack that was so brutal that the knife broke in the body of the victim

R v Q, 2019
This defendant was a former nurse and accused before the Crown Court in Newcastle involvement in the physical abuse of impaired patients in his care.

R v DA, 2019

Represented and secured the acquittal of a specialist care worker accused of ill treatment of a severely autistic man in his late 30's.
The alleged abuse was said top have taken place at a day care centre in the South Wales Area. After a lengthy trial the jury took less that two hours to come to their unanimous verdict. Heard at Swansea Crown Court.




Admitted as a solicitor 1986
Granted Higher Rights 1996
Called to the Bar 2009

Memberships & Associations

Criminal Bar Association
Gray's Inn
The doyen of Seniors for Gray's Inn
Member of the Midland Circuit
An Associate Writer to the Signet of Scotland
Freeman of the City of London
Member of a City Livery Company
Member of one of the six Royally Warranted Body Guards

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