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Naeem practices in all areas of criminal law and exclusively defends as an advocate.

Naeem has been led in cases of murder, fraud, conspiracy to run brothels and associated money laundering offences and an immigration fraud case involving legal professionals.

Naeem has been the sole advocate in cases of attempted murder, kidnap, conspiracy to import cannabis etc. He conducts dozens of Crown Court trials on an annual basis many of which relate to drugs cases or other forms of violence.

Naeem is sort after by legal professionals in high page count cases, given his ability to easily absorb and retain particular details, together with  his ability to easily cross refer documents. Naeem has particular expertise dealing with telephone evidence and cell site analysis, having conducted numerous cases using cell site experts.

Both professional and lay clients have always found Naeem's easy going manner, but quietly persuasive and tenacious approach, helpful.


"I came into this complex case very late and would have found it very difficult to deal with without the benefit of the excellent, detailed, accurate and very thorough way in which Naeem had prepared the case. His schedules were invaluable and his work as a junior throughout the trial was of the highest standard. It was a pleasure to work with him."
Sally O'Neill QC

"I had the pleasure of leading Naeem Karbhari in a murder trial this year and he more than earned his red bag. His written work was quick and accurate. He formed a good rapport with a hard to reach client and his ideas had significant value for the conduct of the case. It was not a case in which a junior could shine on his feet but I have had other opportunities to watch Naeem and he is a quietly determined and courteously persuasive advocate. I know solicitors who have briefed him whose opinion closely matches my own."
Niall Quinn QC (2012)

Ongoing Cases

R v T - Section 18 GBH & affray. Trial date moved several times as client is adamant to retain my services as defence counsel. Case involves alibi evidence and cell site analysis.

R v D & others - 10-day trial at Wolverhampton Crown Court representing 1 of 6 defendants charged with a number of violent disorder allegations following an ongoing feud between 2 families.

R v C & others - 8-week trial at CCC, representing a youth charged with murder as part of a gang activity. Currently 5 defendants charged. The victim was stabbed 6-times to the leg leading to his death. The main evidence in the case evolves around CCTV and phone work.

R v M & others - Large sham marriages case

R v A & others - Large scale fraud case arising out of £200 million sim swap fraud.

R v C - Large charity fraud case by in-house financial controller.

R v  H - Instructed as junior counsel in a paper heavy case evolving around banking fraud with a bank manager.

Notable Cases

R v  K & others (2018) 3-month multi handed murder trial at Ipswich Crown Court. Junior Counsel for the second defendant, in a case involving cut throat defence of blame with the first defendant. Case evolved around a country drugs line sent up from London to Ipswich with the cuckoo and local drug runners accused of stabbing to death a drugs customer who had a reputation for robbing the drugs line. The case involved extensive CCTV analysis, telephone data analysis and cell site analysis.

R v  K & others (2018) 3-month Human trafficking and slavery trial in Nottingham Crown Court.
Represented 1 of the 11 defendants. After careful cross examination of over a dozen complainants, the Crown agreed to take a plea to only 1 of the 4 conspiracy counts, which following an indication of sentence led to the case collapsing at week 8 of the trial and the defendant receiving a sentence leading to his immediate release.

R v H & others (2018) 2-week trial in Bristol Crown Court as junior counsel in a conspiracy to cultivate cannabis case involving several grow houses. A very paper heavy case with over 10,000 pages. My expertise in dealing with large volume cases was invaluable in understanding this case following last minute instructions.

R v T (2017) Case with over 100,000 pages of evidence involving arson with intent and possession with intent to supply.

R v K (2017) Largest ever educational fraud case by an in-house accountant. Challenged computer and banking evidence.

R v McG & others (2017) Operation Milden. Represented one of 5 defendants charged with
importation of 35kg of cannabis. The case papers extended to over 10,000 pages. The case against my client was based on association and telephone records, which required expert analysis of telephone attribution and call patterns. Only defendant to be acquitted following a 4-week trial.

R v D & others (2017) Conspiracy to supply over 250kg of cannabis. Effective representations led to the Crown agreeing a simple alternative of joint possession with intent to supply about 75kg of cannabis.

R v E (2016) Represented the defendant as sole counsel where Crown had silk and junior and co-defendant granted silk and junior in a case involving attempted murder and firearm offences. Client charged with assisting an offender and case dismissed at end of prosecution case.

R v S (2015-2016) Junior counsel in a large complex multi handed case involving the running of various brothels across London.

R v R & others (2015) 3 month trial as junior counsel on largest ever human trafficking and exploitation.

R v Azam & 1 other (2013) Sole counsel instructed on an attempted murder case, which involved expert analysis of cell site evidence.

R v N (2012) 2-week murder trial in Luton Crown Court, led by Niall Quinn QC. Man stabbed his friend 9 times following a cannabis fuelled evening.

R v O (Jan 08) Defendant and two others charged with conspiracy to obtain ID documents. False passport applications countersigned by a council official. Defendant pleaded guilty.

R v A (Feb 08) Defendant pleaded guilty to possession with intent to supply Class A drugs x 2, on the basis he found a bag which contained the items, he knew they were drugs and was going to sell them to whoever would buy them to make some money. Sentenced to a suspended sentence.

R v M & Others, (July 2007) Cambridge CC Defendant and two others charged with 2-counts of ABH.
Granted leave to appeal against conviction on the basis of the judge putting time pressure on the jury to return a verdict.

Court of Appeal - June 2008 CoA accepted HHJ had omitted to re-assure jury when summing up as to no pressure of time, however they felt conviction not unsafe.

R v C, ILCC (April 08) Defendant charged with husband on several counts of possession with intent to supply class C, two counts of possession of prohibited weapons and two counts of possession of firearms. Acquitted of all serious charges, and found guilty for simple possession. Received a Community Order.

R v J, Isleworth CC Defendant sentenced to possession of indecent images of a child. Received an extended sentence and an indefinite SOPA.

Court of Appeal, June 2008 Appeal against sentence allowed in relation to the terms of the SOPA, terms subsequently varied. 

R v K, Defendant charged with 12 others for defrauding various banks under finance agreements for cars. Successfully had legal aid transferred to IS for another matter where the defendant was facing a re-trial on drugs importation (both cases had an over-arching police investigation).

R v O, (Sept 06) Charges of ABH on youths, issue of self-defence even when
defendant the initial aggressor. Acquitted.




2002-2003 BPP Law School - Bar Vocational Course
2001-2002 Inns of Court School of Law - LL.M Criminal Litigation
1998-2001 University - LL.B Law (Hon's)


Jamieson Scholarship Award Winner (Middle Temple)

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