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Neena Crinnion is an experienced Leading Junior enjoying a solid and busy criminal practice. She is consistently instructed in serious and complex cases, many attracting significant media interest.

Neena is known for having a strong work ethic, meticulous case preparation combined with sound common sense and judgement.

Having commenced professional life as a sports physiotherapist, Neena re-trained and was called to the Bar whilst raising a young family. She has found her backgroundand training invaluable on many occasions particularly where complex medical evidence is relied upon.

Neena has particular expertise in the presentation of multi-handed cases with challenging disclosure and PII issues. Many of these cases have provided the opportunity for Neena to develop a thorough understanding of cell site and computer evidence.

A significant aspect of her practice involves sexual offences with a particular emphasis on breach of trust and cases with child complainants.

Neena is a Level 4 prosecutor on the Crown Prosecution Service Advocate Panel, Serious Crime Group Panel, Fraud Panel and Proceeds of Crime Panel. She is additionally a Level 4 prosecutor on the specialist rape list.

Neena has a reputation for being a feisty, dynamic and engaging advocate with uncompromising integrity.


Recent Cases:

R v RS - Defending a woman charged with attempting to murder of her 5 year old son by leaping in front of a London train.

R v Weaver - Successful defence of a school teacher on allegations of sexual assault of a former pupil.

R v Henry, Heywood & Dionaldo  - Leading for the Crown against three silks and juniors in a five week Flying Squad case involving a string of armed robberies which was reported nationally due to 2 of the defendants having a notorious criminal background and celebrity connections.

R v Da Silva  - Securing an acquittal in a media interest gang rape of a 12 year old girl. The result was pivotal on the successful challenge to the “overwhelming” DNA evidence which was complex and involved partial mixed profiles of components common to all defendants. The case was unusually sensitive as it involved only partial disclosure of the defence due to issues with privilege against self incrimination.

R v Stoica & Others  - Defending in a large scale benefit fraud by Romanian nationals. 

R v Odumuyiwa & Caprice - Eight week prosecution of Flying Squad string of armed robberies involving cell site evidence Convictions obtained.

R v Mills  - Prosecution of this high profile death by dangerous case driving case where two pedestrians were killed outside a primary school by the diabetic defendant who ran an unsuccessful defence of automatism.  Case involved voluminous medical evidence and challenging of experts.

R v L & Others  - Defending a 16 year old on allegations of gang rape. Extensive and meticulous preparation of the unused material which founded bad character and s.41 applications secured an acquittal at the conclusion of the complainant’s evidence.

R v Moldoveneau & Another  - Successful defence of a woman alleged to have lured multiple victims to her home for them to be sexually assaulted by her male co defendant.

R v Yannis Young  - Prosecution of notorious armed robber who carried on the work of the “Thug Family” gang after convictions of Defreitas and Others.  Convicted of 12 armed robberies over 2 year span.

Notable Cases:

R v Patel & Velani - Prosecution of a conspiracy to cause GBH. Female university student conspiring to have her ex boyfriend stabbed causing life threatening injuries. 3 week case, which involved the careful presentation of cell site and computer evidence. Convictions obtained.

R - Thorpe and Others - Prosecution of a 4 month 5 handed commercial armed robbery, which involved a lorry hijacking where a hostage was taken brought by Operation Grafton.  Voluminous telephone evidence; cell site of seven phones with billing spanning a 3 month period. Convictions obtained and lenient sentences of 2 defendants successfully referred. (Instructed as junior counsel in the AG's reference).

R v Magar - Successful defence of a decorated colour-sergeant in the Ghurka Rifles on an allegation of Rape.

R v Marshall and Others - Prosecution of complex Flying Squad conspiracy to Rob involving 12 separate robberies with numerous stolen cars all on false plates. The case was founded upon complex cell site evidence depicting specific roles of the conspirators. Convictions obtained.R v Gray and Others – 4 month Serious Fraud. Defence junior. Commercial corruption spanning 10 years at the Mars Corporation. Only defendant where jury undecided first time.

R v Anandakumar - Week prosecution of parents accused of suffocating their 3 month old baby having broken all limbs and ribs at different times. Complex medical evidence on causation of multitude of injuries. Convictions obtained.   



Grad. Dip. Phys.

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