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Nicholas Corsellis is a highly respected leading counsel having dealt with allegations of the most serious crime over the last 15 years. His all round abilities stem from a mixed practice of prosecution and defence work.

The first case that really brought him public attention was the 2003 Pastor Goodman case concerning the pastor of Europe's largest Evangelical Church prosecuted for historic sexual abuse. That has led to a number of high profile cases at the Old Bailey which continues to date. He is a specialist in murder trials and cases involving the analysis of telephone, forensic, and gunshot residue evidence, but his most obvious ability is an exceptional talent to cross-examine witnesses of every description. His qualities as a lawyer and as a jury advocate are appreciated by both defence and prosecution solicitors but it is his modest, approachable manner combined with the ability to explain difficult and complex issues that clients of all descriptions find most appealing. 

Nicholas Corsellis is accredited by the Bar Council to provide Public Access services

Nicholas Corsellis is ranked by Chambers and Parters in the UK Bar Guide 2014.

Notable Cases 2013

2013 - R v H & Others - secures an acquittal in this murder case (the only defendant charged with murder to be acquitted). The case surrounded the murder of a young man following the Champions League final in May 2012 and became known as the Champions League murder.  

2013 - R v F & Others - successfully represented a man alleged to have been part of a £5million mortgage fraud/money laundering ring allegedly operating over a 12 year period.

Notable Cases 2012

2012 - R v P - successfully represented a member from a notorious crime family alleged to have shot at police officers who were chasing him from a crime scene.

2012 - R v C and others - A European/UK conspiracy concerning the hijacking of lorries and theft of over £1 million+ of gold and silver bullion.

2012 - R v S and others - An international conspiracy to import £10 million+ of drugs from the Caribbean, orchestrated by the reggae singer “Smiley Culture.”

2012 - R v McL and others - A high profile GAS-gang murder of a 15 year old schoolboy,Temi Ogunneye. Complex legal issues in the case included anonymity of witnesses, PII, disclosure and also needed expertise in organised criminal gang culture.

Notable Cases 2011

2011 - R v W and others - instructed to represent the main defendant alleged to have carried out a double gangland execution.

2011 - R v M and others - instructed in a seemingly motiveless murder trial of the shooting of an unarmed man outside a public house.

2011 - R v B and others - instructed to represent a person alleged to have orchestrated a gangland execution.

2011 - R v O and others - instructed to represent the main defendant in the Victoria Railway Station murder, the largest murder enquiry in recent history.


Notable Cases 2010

2010 - R v M and Ors - Represented the organiser of the main drugs distribution gang in the East End of London. The conspiracy related to supplying over 100kgs of heroin in a three week period. 

2010 - R v O and Ors - Instructed in a sophisticated fraud where millions of pounds were extracted from receivables finance companies and laundered offshore using satellite companies.

2010 - R v Kassaye and Ors. Instructed for the main defendant in the £40 million Graffs jewellery heist.

2010 - R v O and Ors - Instructed in a sophisticated fraud where millions of pounds were extracted from receivables finance companies and laundered offshore using satellite companies.

2010 - R v Doherty and Others - Conspiracy to supply cocaine. Represented the top level organizer of a conspiracy to supply wholesale amounts of Class A drugs to South Wales

2010 - R v B and others - counsel is instructed to represent the main defendant in an alleged conspiracy to supply over 4 tons of drugs. No conviction

2010 - R v Kirby and Ors - Defended a man who was the subject of a SOCA operation with embedded undercover agents. Arrested whilst driving the van loaded with £80 million worth of cocaine. Acquitted.

Notable Cases 2009

2009 - R v Miller and Ors - Gangland attempted murder trial representing the leader of the "Northumberland Park Killers".

2009 - R v Uddin - Matricide murder trial. Evidence included the assessment of complex blood spatter, telephone and cell site evidence.

2009 - R v Sinclair - Murder trial involving a complex analysis of diminished responsibility, self induced drug intoxication and whether an addiction to crack cocaine could engineer an organic brain disorder.

2009 - R v Carter. Murder by shooting dating back to 1998 involving complex bad character arguments.

2009 - R - Ahmed, Gelle and M. high media profile case relating to the gang rape of young children committed by a large number of men on a housing estate.  

2008 - R v Jimenez-Melo. A case concerning a conspiracy to supply over 1 ton of cocaine, adulterated by a carcinogenic cutting agent. Complex case including observation and probe evidence.

Notable Cases 2008

2008 – R v Johnson – High profile case concerning a man who was the victim of a murder/manslaughter committed by his son. Highly complex issues relating to epilepsy/forced normalisation/psychiatric evidence and consequent diminished responsibility. Appeared together with Treasury Counsel.

2008 – R v Lynch and others – High media profile case concerning 4 handed drugs conspiracy dealing with multi million pounds worth of drugs of all classes. Complex financial evidence and issues relating to admissibility of extravagant living and weaponry. 10 months worth of surveillance evidence was cut down by presenting the case using computer generated presentation packages with hyperlinks to video footage, powerpoint presentations, graphical schedules etc.

2008 – R v Thavapalasingham and others.  8 handed prosecution for attempted murder invovlving the lead members of a prolific criminal gang in East London.  The case involved highly complex disclosure considerations.

2008 – R v Thorpe and others.  5 handed prosecution for a sophisticated armed robbery including the taking of hostages.

2008 – R v Anderson.  Court of Appeal judgment on the use of evidence of drugs paraphernalia and bad character.

Notable Cases 2007

2007 - R v Miller, Anderson and others. Conspiracy to supply £2 million of cocaine – high media interest given names of witnesses.

2007 - R v Nguyen and others, Money laundering case involving the professional handling and transfer of in excess of £12million abroad.

2007 - R v Zammit, Case involving professional people trafficking for prostitution and confiscation proceedings in excess of £500,000. Crown Court and Court of Appeal appearances leading to guideline sentence

Notable Cases 2006

2006 - R v Dembovskis, Trial involving the highly publicised murder of a school girl by a Latvian national who was extradited under the European arrest warrant. Case involved the thorough examination of DNA analysis, techniques and presentation.

2004-2006 - R v Howley and others. Defending the Senior Director accused of conspiracy to defraud various financial institutions (banks, insurance companies, finance companies and government grant agencies) of in excess of £10 million.  Client acquitted in all 3 trials he faced.

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