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After being persuaded by a friend to join him in a ‘Careers Talk’ concerning the Law, Richard stumbled upon a potential career that appeared to be interesting, challenging and exciting and one that would make the best use of his skills.

Using that early enthusiasm he wasted very little time undertaking and completing the necessary qualifications and joined the Bar in 2005.

Richard is delighted to say that it has not disappointed him and it  manages to throw up new challenges every day in what he says is an unbelievably steep learning curve, but ultimately a satisfying and rewarding career.

Richard looks to approach each new case with an open mind, to balance all sides of the argument and to apply a degree of ‘business sense’. In making a careful and fully reasoned judgement, he is able to advise his lay clients to the fullest of his capabilities.

Richard says "I provide comprehensive and robust advice and take special care to ensure that the lay client and any other person that may wish to be a part of the process, is fully aware of what has, what is and what may happen in Court. I am very aware of just how daunting it can be to those who are unfamiliar with the courts; therefore I seek to ensure that nothing comes as a surprise to them during their time with me".

He recognises that there are those who may require a greater level of support and a more detailed explanation. Richard is known to be very calm and patient and accordingly is very well equipped to deal with these situations.

Richard is equally known for providing strong advice where the situation requires.

Away from the Law, Richard has lots of and many varied interests. After the legal advice is dispensed with, he is happy to discuss with his clients his interest in TV, film, music, sport or whatever takes their fancy in the hours waiting for the Court.

Richard possesses the enviable ability to be able to adapt to the varied types of person encountered in day-to-day working life due to his friendly personality, a good sense of humour and by being an extremely easy person to get on with.

To this end, Richard is proud to have an excellent relationship with all his professional clients.

Richard Storey is also accredited by the Bar Council to provide Public Access Services.

Areas of Practice:

Richard is particularly interested in offences involving the Public Order Act and feels strongly that this is a piece of legislation that is often misused, misunderstood and incorrectly applied. He has represented many clients accused of offences contravening this act in the Youth, Magistrates' and Crown Courts, as well as arguing before the Court of Appeal and the Administrative Court. He has secured numerous positive outcomes for clients using detailed legal arguments based upon his research of the legislation and case law.

He prosecutes and defends regularly in the Crown Courts, Magistrates Courts and the Youth Courts.

He has appeared in The Court of Appeal, The Divisional Court, Prison Adjudication Hearings, Coroners Courts and Confiscation Proceedings.

He has a particular interest in public law, the proceeds of crime and asset forfeiture.

Notable Cases:

R v MB (2013): 5-day trial of a Polish defendant accused of 'stranger' rape. A difficult and sensitive case involving issues of medical evidence, intoxication and consent. Unanimously acquitted.

R v Jenkins (2013): 5-day trial of young man accused of false accounting. A complex case involving a large amount of data evidence and in which the Defendant accepted that he had altered the accounts dishonestly. Unanimously acquitted.

R v Baron (2013): Lead by Tim Forte in high value drugs conspiracy and criminal property case brought by the Serious Organised Crime Agency:

KH and the Queen (2011) Case Stated before the High Court involving a point of law under S4 Public Order Act. The client was originally convicted before a Lay Bench. Richard became involved when he was asked to advise on the safety of the conviction. He drafted an application to state the case to the High Court and shortly after receiving this, a District Judge took the unusual step of re-opening the case. The client was convicted again on a different basis. Richard was again asked to advise and as a result of his application, the case was stated for the opinion of the High Court (to be heard).

R v Romain & Anr (2011): Lead by John Coffey QC in successful defence of allegation of attempted murder:  

R v Brown & Anr (2011): Highly sensitive case involving allegations of child abuse and neglect on two small children resulting in multiple serious injuries.

R v Griffiths & Others (2010): Led by Simon Smith in high value fraud involving 'en primeur' wine sales. Not guilty verdict on all counts.

R v Simpson (2008) Successful defence of allegation of Possession with Intent to Supply Class A (street value £200,000).

RE J (2008) Divisional court consideration regarding enforcement of confiscation order and delay.

R v D & 7 Others (2008) Three-week trial resulting in acquittal of youth facing charges of Violent Disorder and Actual Bodily Harm.

R v J (2007) Successful ‘Lloyd’ argument against the imposition of a custodial penalty in default of payment of confiscation sum.

Appeal of Lucas (2007) Appeal against imposition of minimum mandatory term for firearm offence.  

R v Hill (2006) 2-day abuse of process argument concerning 150 breaches of ‘House in Multiple Occupation Regulations.


BA (Hons) University of Durham
PGDL (BPP Law School)
BVC (BPP Law School)

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