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Shanice has a blossoming practice in which she both prosecutes and defends in cases across the entire spectrum of the criminal law. Shanice represents those charged with drugs, violence, weapons, dishonesty, public order and sexual offences and frequently undertakes instructions in a wide variety of road traffic act matters. She accepts both private and public instructions and appears regularly in the Crown, Youth and Magistrates' Courts.

Additionally, Shanice acts in a broad range of civil matters including SHPO, DVPO and CBO proceedings and has been instructed in both Fare Evasion interviews and Closure Order applications.

Shanice became a Tenant at 3 Temple Gardens in April 2019, following the successful completion of her pupillage. Prior to joining Chambers, Shanice worked as a paralegal within the Criminal Defence and Extradition Department at Bindmans LLP. As a paralegal Shanice gained valuable experience working predominantly on a high-profile and complex murder case.

Shanice has volunteered with both the Free Representation Unit, representing clients in Social Security Tribunals, and with the Central London Law Centre, assisting those with Immigration and Housing matters. Whilst studying the BPTC Shanice taught the skills of debating to inmates at a range of London prisons through the 'Vocalise' programme.

Shanice is an approachable advocate who has represented clients from all walks of life and routinely instils confidence in all those she represents. Shanice has a keen interest in advocating for young and vulnerable defendants, and will always ensure that all of her clients are comprehensively guided through the criminal justice process.

Notable Cases

R v KR (2020) - Secured the acquittal of KR, who had been charged with criminal damage (slashing the tyres of a neighbour's car). During the trial the court heard evidence from two live witnesses and viewed CCTV footage of the alleged incident. (Croydon Youth Court).

TfL v AR (2020) - AR was charged with failing to produce a valid train ticket and had been convicted and sentenced in absence. After a successful application to reopen proceedings, the Crown subsequently offered no evidence. (Lavender Hill Magistrates' Court).

R v NM (2020) - NM was acquitted of domestic assault against his wife, following a successful half time submission, in a case where the complainant and her mother gave evidence against the defendant. (Romford Magistrates' Court).

R v GB (2020) - Secured the acquittal of GB, who had been charged with speeding and failing to provide information of the driver's identity. (Willesden Green Magistrates' Court).

R v JR (2019) - JR was acquitted of ABH after a successful argument opposing the Crown's application to adjourn. (St Albans Crown Court).

R v LC (2019) - LC had been disqualified from driving under the 'totting' provisions. Upon appealing his sentence, LC's disqualification was quashed after a successful exceptional hardship argument. (Norwich Crown Court).

R v RBC (2019) - RBC was charged with multiple breaches of a community protection notice and acquitted of all counts after trial. (Stevenage Magistrates' Court).

R v TH (2019) - TH was acquitted of possession of a bladed article, after running a successful defence of reasonable excuse at trial. (Central Criminal Court).

R v CS (2019) - CS was acquitted of four counts of 'taking a child in care' after a submission of no case to answer. Successfully argued that multiple breaches of the defendant's 'CAWN' notice did not amount to commission of the offence. (Romford Magistrates' Court).

R v MH (2019) - Secured the acquittal of MH, who had been charged with domestic assault in a 'victimless prosecution' wherein the court heard live evidence from three independent eyewitnesses. (Bromley Magistrates' Court).

R v GW (2019) - GW had been charged with possession of an imitation firearm and handling stolen goods, after he had fled from a stolen car, having been subject to a lengthy police car chase. Successfully argued that GW did not have the requisite knowledge for either offence, which led to his acquittal of both. (Basildon Magistrates' Court).

R v AK (2019) - Secured a suspended sentence, wherein AK had pleaded guilty to wielding a 'hunting style' knife at a number of people. (St Albans Crown Court).

R v MR (2019) - MR was sentenced to 3 years' and 8 months' custody for his part in a large scale, joint enterprise, 'ram-raid' commercial burglary, in which £90,000 had been stolen, and extensive damage caused to a Co-Operative building. The judge initially considered departing from the sentencing guidelines and taking a starting point of 10 years, based on the seriousness of the offence, MR's numerous relevant previous convictions and MR being on licence at the time of committing the offence. (Peterborough Crown Court).

R v LH (2019) - LH was charged with harassment of a former employer. Three Crown witnesses gave evidence against LH. Secured LH's acquittal after successfully persuading the court that the Crown had not established the necessary course of conduct. (Northampton Magistrates' Court).

R v MO (2018) - Despite MO's longstanding and complex mental illness, he had been deemed fit to plead. Successfully ran self defence and secured the acquittal of MO, who had been charged with assaulting security staff at a London Hospital. (Westminster Magistrates' Court).

R v RC (2018) - Represented a 15 year old charged with assaulting a fellow school pupil. Persuaded the court to prevent the Crown from adducing photographs depicting alleged injuries, RC was acquitted. (Uxbridge Youth Court).

R v SC (2018) - Secured the only acquittal in a trial where SC was one of four defendants charged with assaulting a vulnerable youth living in supported accommodation. (Bexley Magistrates' Court).










2015 - BTPC, The University of Law
2014 - MA Philosophy, University College London
2012 - LLB Law (Hons), King's College London

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