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Our Clerks

Ours clerks have a well deserved reputation for being professional, approachable, open and friendly.

The Legal 500 says of the 3TG clerks: 'The clerks provide ‘an unrivalled level of service and support'.

[Photograph] Gary Brown

Gary Brown

Senior Clerk
Telephone 020 7427 5900
Email gbrown@3tg.co.uk

[Photograph] Kevin Aldridge

Kevin Aldridge

Chambers Business Manager
Email kaldridge@3tg.co.uk

[Photograph] Michael Cross

Michael Cross

Deputy Senior Clerk
Telephone 020 7427 5904
Email mcross@3tg.co.uk

[Photograph] William McKimm

William McKimm

First Junior Clerk
Telephone 020 7427 5907
Email wmckimm@3tg.co.uk

[Photograph] Megan Wallis

Megan Wallis

Fees Clerk
Telephone 020 7427 5902
Email mwallis@3tg.co.uk

[Photograph] Sam Edwards

Sam Edwards

Second Junior Clerk
Telephone 020 7427 5903
Email sedwards@3tg.co.uk

[Photograph] Rebecca Hunter

Rebecca Hunter

Junior Clerk
Telephone 020 7353 5906
Email rhunter@3tg.co.uk

[Photograph] Jessica Tolliday

Jessica Tolliday

Junior Clerk
Email jtolliday@3tg.co.uk