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Stephen has a varied and busy criminal defence practice, with a wide range of experience in the Youth, Magistrates' and Crown Court. He accepts both private and publicly funded instructions, covering the whole spectrum of crime, including sexual offences, violence, drugs, weapons, dishonesty and road traffic offences.

Stephen has also been instructed in civil matters, including contested DVPOs, gang injunctions and civil confiscation proceedings (where the client has no relevant convictions). He is also open to taking instructions in matters relating to licensing law and regulatory crime.

Stephen joined chambers following his successful completion of pupillage in May 2021. Prior to joining 3TG, he investigated fatal incidents in custody for the Prisons and Probation Ombudsman. Before that, he worked as a court clerk at Blackfriars Crown Court. Stephen's unorthodox history includes many years as a successful pub manager, and five years employed as an underground coal miner.

Stephen is comfortable communicating with individuals from all backgrounds, being particularly adept at putting clients at ease in what are undoubtedly stressful occasions.

Notable Cases

R v JH (2021) - JH was charged with assaulting an emergency worker (police officer) as a 15 year old. Stephen exposed inconsistencies between the evidence of the 3 police witnesses and body-worn camera footage, leading to JH's acquittal.

R v DW (2021) - DW was acquitted of assault in a case involving the defence of automation (the client having serious epilepsy). Stephen successfully persuaded a Bench to admit a defence expert report, despite the Crown citing a DJ's previous direction that the expert must attend if not agreed. The Crown then offered no evidence.

RSPCA v LR (2021) - Stephen persuaded LR, a reluctant client, to plead guilty to the neglect of a cat, with the RSPCA dropping a more serious charge. LR then received a very favourable sentence due to strong mitigation.

R v CK (2021) - Stephen persuaded the Judge to impose a community order at a committal for sentence for CK, after he had pleaded guilty to making indecent images of children - including category A images.

R v SM (2021) - SM (a builder) was charged with criminal damage in a ‘road rage' incident involving a middle class lady with a corroborating witness. Stephen successfully argued for the case to be dismissed at half time, after exposing inconsistencies between the witness accounts and evidence.

R v RH (2021) - Stephen succeeded in a submission of ‘no case to answer' after challenging procedural errors by the police in adducing the ID evidence of an officer. The case involved dangerous driving and assault PC (the car hitting an officer).

R v RW (2020) - RW pleaded guilty to 4 counts of assaulting emergency workers (nurses and paramedics) including biting. Stephen persuaded the Bench to sentence by way of a fine.

R v MB (2020) - Stephen secured the acquittal of MB after he was charged with failing to control a dangerous dog, after a postman was bitten.

R v JW (2020) - JW was running the defence of reasonable excuse for possession of a blade. Stephen secured his acquittal with well structured submissions on this defence.

R v MR (2020) - MR was charged with sexual assault against his wife in front of their young daughter. Stephen secured his acquittal, in a case involving extra sensitivity due to the need to cross examine the young girl.

R v LS (2020) - Stephen secured the acquittal of LS who was charged with a DV assault. He successfully exposed inconsistencies between the two prosecution witnesses.




BA Joint Hons, Philosophy & Economics - University of Nottingham (1992-1995)
Masters in Philosophy - The Open University (2006-2008)
Graduate Diploma in Law (Commendation) - BPP Law School (2009-2011)
Bar Professional Training Course (Very Competent) - BPP Law School (2011-2013)

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The Honourable Society of Lincoln's Inn
The Criminal Bar Association
The Institute of Licensing

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