Steven Perian QC

1987 (2016)

A leading counsel in Crime for London, he is a member of the Criminal Bar Association, Chartered Society of Forensic Sciences [affiliate], Fellow of  the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, and Civil Mediation Council. He is a CMC Registered Civil and Commercial Mediator. He is accredited by the Bar Council to provide Public Access Services. He has extensive experience in defending and prosecuting in the most serious criminal offences.  

Steven Perian was appointed Queen's Counsel in 2016 having previously been appointed Junior Counsel to the Crown (Attorney General's Panel of Prosecution Advocates - List A (London and South Eastern Circuit). He was appointed at the highest Level (Level 4) on the Advocates Panel List and a (Level 4) prosecutor on the Fraud Panel and Rape List.

Steven was formerly a Senior Crown Prosecutor, for Special Casework Division (London) and a part-time law lecturer.

Career History:

i. 1987- called to the Bar.
ii. 1989- joined the Crown Prosecution Service.
iii. 1995- returned to the Bar.
iv. 2016- Appointed Queen's Counsel.

In 2013 and again in 2014 Steven was named 'Forensic Law Barrister of the Year' by Acquisition International.

The Legal 500 has said of Steven ... 'He is able to get to the core of the case' . 'His practice includes a range of challenging homicide cases' .'Comfortable prosecuting and defending violent and sexual crime.'

Steven appears in the 2018 edition of The Legal 500 where it says:

Steven Perian QC... '‘He defends in murder cases.'

Notable Defence Cases

Steven has also appeared on behalf of the Defence in a number of interesting cases


R -v- Lee Dowman & others - the murder of Daniel Adger in South Ockendon - the defendant was acquitted of murder.

R-v- Kevin Paddick - the murder of Danny Myers in Clacton.

R-v- Calvin Tudor & others - Eight defendants charged with the murder of Che-Labastide Wellington who was stabbed in the heart as he left a party.

R-v-Joshua Asante & others -  JA charged with the murder and manslaughter of David Darko.The case concerned the stabbing to death of DDD in a park in South Norwood after a drug deal went wrong. The co-defendant was found guilty of DD's murder.

R v Tevin Birmingham & others - The murder of Andrew McGowan in Great Yarmouth. TB acquitted of murder but convicted of manslaughter. Co-defendant convicted of murder.

R v Saana Ibrahim & others - Leading Junior. Ibrahim had been accused of luring a young man to a group who waited to stab the victim to death.

R v Hylton & 9 others - the murder of Danny O'Shea - the only instructed Leading Junior in the case. The other defendants were represented by Queens Counsel. The defendant was acquitted.

R v Gill - man charged with killing a pedestrian with a single punch to the head following an altercation over the defendant's friend cycling on the pavement.

R v Koc (Leading Junior) man charged with a double murder following a two week period of attacks on victims in a London woodland in early 2011.

R v Davina Smith (Leading Junior) mother who drove a stolen car whilst being unfit through drugs which resulted in the tragic death of her two young children and two friends.

R v Williams et al (Leading Junior) - Murder and Child Cruelty case where the victim was the 5 year old daughter of Mr Williams.

R v Raymond Johnson et al - execution style killing of reggae singer, Miss Tippa Irie and 2 others including rape.

R v Kien Hoang - Vietnamese killing where the wife was stabbed 14 times

R v Tesfa Boswell et al - 9 defendants involved in killing a Ugandan school boy)

R v Sajib Khan et al

Conspiracy to commit murder

R v Michael Smith & others - arising from a shooting in Hertfordshire. The case occupied the court for 10 weeks with Smith being the only defendant acquitted

Attempted Murders

R v Nestor (younger brother of famous disc jockey)


R v C

R v B

Child Sexual Abuse

Conspiracy to supply sexually explicit materials to underage children. Other charges:


R v Joseph et al (public sector fraud) (Leading Junior)

R v Answer Sarpong (export of stolen cars from Europe for onward transmission via United Kingdom to Africa. Case involved participating informants, Interpol, Dutch police surveillance and Metropolitan Police)

Advance fee fraud ($21.5 Million) mutual co-operation between FBI and City of London.
Conspiracy to defraud (copyrights)

Benefit, Police and DSS surveillance cases.
Car ringing.

Large scale money transfer offences involving International Investigation


Police undercover and surveillance operation involving the Supply / Importation (Customs and Excise) of Heroin, Cocaine, Cannabis - the latter valued at £1.5 million


Armed (guns and knives), Post office and Building Societies

Firearm Offences

Arson including with intent to endanger lives.

Forgery and counterfeiting

R v Popaj - Large scale forgeries and counterfeiting. Largest haul of false passports and counterfeiting equipment in the last ten years in the South East of England.

Notable Prosecution Cases

Steven has appeared on behalf of the Prosecution in a number of interesting cases:


R v Victor Maibvisira & others - The murder of Kyle Yule in Gillingham (Kent) - the defendants were sentenced to a total of 88 years


Operation Arad A police investigation into large scale Internet Shopping Fraud. The fraud was valued in excess of £2 million and perpetrated by an international Romanian Organised Crime group.

R v Hawksworth and Slamaj.
Conspiracy to defraud U.K. financial institutions (US Treasury Bonds Worth $US 2.3 Trillion Dollars (Leading Junior).

Regina v Allen Valentine (largest seizure of Illegal manufacture of Viagra) £6 Million.

Conspiracy to obtain money transfer and property by deception from Price Waterhouse Cooper (Leading Junior).

Conspiracy to defraud Time Computers Plc by employees (Leading Junior).

Conspiracy to defraud Jaguar Motor Company and LEX PLC (£1,000,000.00) (Leading Junior).

Conspiracy to defraud U.K. financial institutions (US Treasury Bonds Worth $US 55 billion) (Leading Junior).

Conspiracy to defraud a charitable organisation (Black Charitable Organisation called The Abeng) (Leading Junior).

Conspiracy to handle stolen goods (motorcycle ringing) (Leading Junior).

Conspiracy to defraud the Vehicle Registration Office.

Theft of £891,842.85 by employee from Halifax Building Society.

Endangered Species EEC Regulation prosecution (Operation Charm).

Handling of £490 Million of Stock Bonds.

Conspiracy to clone credit cards (large scale credit card factories).

Computer related crimes - in particular the use of computers and Internet in order to defraud.

Child Sexual Abuse

Operation Fetteresso - Male rape and indecent assault on young children.

R v GT (Leading Junior)
Unlawful sexual intercourse – 23 Counts of Indecent Assault.

R v M
15 counts of Indecent Assault by a retired Police Sergeant on 2 Granddaughters, 2 Step-Granddaughters and Gross-indecency on 2 Great Granddaughters

Child Cruelty and Shaken Baby Syndrome

Indecent Assault

Indecent Assault on a Circuit Judge’s daughter.


Operation Barking (Joint investigation by Customs and Excise and the West Midlands Regional Drugs Task Force) (Leading Junior)

Operation Jasel (Leading Junior)

Operation Hong Kong – serious crime directorate (Leading Junior)

Operation Razor (18 defendants selling drugs from the Kensal Rise Area)

Operation Helium

Operation Welling

Informant Lead investigations – multi-handed (Public Interest Immunity cases)

Drugs cases from SCD7 Middle Market Drugs Projects

Organised Crime

R v Bediako and Watson – guns and drugs (Special Projects Team)

R v Inan Eren, Zafar Eren, Huseyin Eren and Ismail Kaya (Special Projects) (Leading Junior)

Unusual Violence

R v O and A, Juvenile defendants causing grievous bodily harm to a Muslim man who was on his way for Friday prayers to a mosque

R v Michael Sinclair, Jerome Bingham (2 man crime wave who targeted vulnerable Jewish people where they used machetes and imitation firearms to rob them.


Operation Grapevine (Leading Junior)

Armed robberies – multi-handed (P.I.I. cases)

Rolex robberies- multi-handed

Public Order Offences

R v Selvarajah and others, Tamil gang members fighting with each other.

Attempted Murders

R v Atto Kesseidou- love crazed, besotted ex-boyfriend who stalked and stabbed his victim 13 times.

Data Protection Act

R v Churchyard – Misuse of Police National Computer

Indecent Images of Children

R v Harris - senior employee of Norton Rose Solicitors downloads indecent images of children from the Internet.

Civil Work For Prosecution

Central Confiscation Branch (H.Q.)
Appointment of Receivers on Fraud and Drug Trafficking cases (R v Pope Cr App. R.)



Queens Counsel 2016
LLB (Hons) London. MCIArb.

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