Nicholas Wells


Nicholas Wells

Call 1990

Nick Wells has a wide criminal practice for both the prosecution and defence. He has acted as leading junior many times.

He has wide experience of cases, including murder, major conspiracies involving the supply and importation of drugs, firearms offences, kidnapping, death by dangerous driving, manslaughter, and child cruelty.

He has defended in many cases including sexual offences (historic, stranger, marital and interfamilial offences). He has defended in many rape trials.

He has represented defendants in many cases involving psychiatric or cognitive issues, and contested expert evidence.

He has also appeared in the Court of Appeal with success, leading to the quashing of two convictions and reduction in several sentences. He is responsible for the leading case upon credit for plea after giving false evidence at the trial of a co-defendant.


Nick Wells has appeared in numerous confiscation hearings.

Featured Fraud cases

R v E and ors.

He led for two and a half months in a fraud on the Legal Services Commission. Complicated case about various types of false billing for work by solicitors.


Albanian family claimed asylum as Kosovars in the late 1990s. Numerous counts alleging various benefit and other frauds over many years, with very large sums of money involved. First such case to be prosecuted. Nick’s client was found unfit to stand trial.

R v S. Major money laundering and mortgage fraud case.

Defendant acquitted on door of trial after disclosure requests as to participating informant..

R v S and four others.

Successful defence in long trial. Allegation of fraud. Cars stolen, cut up, then exported for reconstruction and sale in Africa.

R v A and ors.

26-count mortgage fraud. Wife of principal. Acquitted.

He has represented defendants in homicide cases, such as:

Featured Murder and Manslaughter cases

R v G.

Murder over neighbour dispute. Defence of diminished responsibility.

R v K.

Attempted Murder of three acquaintances during drug-taking session.

R v McA. Murder.

Successful defence of young person in car from which fatal shot fired.

R v AO and ors.

Drug-selling gang heavily armed went to rivals’ estate. Victim ran over by gang’s vehicle. Acquitted of Murder.

R v T.

Successful defence to Manslaughter. Fatal attack on opposing team member after football match.

He has represented many defendants in cases involving organised crime, such as:

Featured Organised crime cases

R v RD (and 3 ors).

Leading junior. Two-month trial. Acquitted. Transfer firearms case. Gang dealing drugs. Multiple firearms. Large amounts of drugs and cash.

R v LB (and 4 ors).

Organised gang selling firearms. One defendant gave QE. Conviction quashed in Court of Appeal due to disclosure failures. Retrial on one count only ordered. Acquitted.

R V AH (and 8 ors).

Gang stabbing. Gang membership and intentions proved through Drill music multimedia boasts and threats. Acquitted Conspiracy to commit GBH, convicted Violent Disorder.

R v H (and 3 ors).

Professionally planned and executed Armed Robbery of jewellers.

R v K (and 3 ors).

Major drugs importation. Racing vehicle with special cavity returned from French racing competition with 17 kilos of Cocaine. Alleged organiser. Acquitted.

R v P (and 3 ors).

Successful defence in gang shooting. 1st on indictment. Issues included plant of evidence (balaclava), cell site, and distribution and contamination of firearm discharge residue.

R v B,K,M and R.

Successful prosecution of defendants of kidnapping and Blackmail. Victim believed to be an informer. Victim abducted, taped, forced into boot of car, driven to remote area, and assaulted.

County lines cases at Ipswich, Great Yarmouth, Brighton, Lewes, Reading, Winchester, Salisbury, Truro, Merthyr Tydfil, Swindon.

Featured Road Traffic and Motoring offences cases

R v BB.

Successful prosecution of solicitor for dangerous driving.

R v B.

Successful defence of security guard for causing death by dangerous driving of 11-year-old boy.

R v GW.

Instructed for Court of Appeal only. Appellant six months sentence for dangerous driving. Head-on collision at 85mph while overtaking on a bend. Court of Appeal allowed the appeal and suspended the sentence.

He has conducted many cases for the defence involving sexual offences of every type.

Featured Sexual offences cases

He has conducted many cases for the defence involving sexual offences of every type. 

He has represented three taxi drivers for sexual assault, and one for Rape, all successfully.

R v NB.

Alleged rape of disabled person in hospital by security guard in disabled toilet. Acquitted.

R v M.

Successful defence in alleged rape of a profoundly deaf person with learning difficulties.

R v R.

Successful defence in alleged rape of retired nurse.

R v W (leading junior).

Multiple offences of kidnap and attempted abduction of children by defendant shortly after release from sentence for stranger rape.

R v R-H.

Successful defence in historic multiple sexual offences case, including rape, against two first cousins.

R v R.

Successful defence of student for multiple offences of rape against woman met on internet dating site.

R v J.

Leading junior in case alleging rape of two girlfriends unknown to each other.

R v Y.

Uncle faced 16-count Indictment alleging sexual offences including rape against two young nephews. Acquitted of them all.

R v TB and 5 others.

Successful defence in alleged gang rape, and also for same defendant for alleged rape in care home.

R v M.

Successful defence on multiple counts of historic Rape upon stepson.

R v P.

Successful prosecution of brother for rape of sister more than 50 years ago.

R v H.

Successful prosecution of dentist for rape of wife. In recent arranged marriage.

R v B.

Successful prosecution for child abduction and sexual activity with a child. Complainant was a physically mature runaway child in a consensual relationship with a young man.


Student built own computer and downloaded 100,000 child images and films. Negotiated basis and suspended sentence.

He has appeared in inumerable cases involving serious violence.

Featured Violence cases

R v McC.

He represented an autistic young mother from the travelling community (who was determined not fit to stand trial) who stabbed her abusive boyfriend five times from behind. Acquitted on the basis of self-defence in trial of facts.

Regulated by the Bar Standards Board (BSB)

Regulated by the Bar Standards Board (BSB) and holds a current practising certificate. If you are not satisfied with the service provided, please click here.

  • Called 1990.
  • BA Trinity College Cambridge.
  • Diploma in Law-City University. Distinctions in 2 papers.

  • Criminal Bar Association
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