Chambers subscribes to the Pupillage Gateway application scheme and currently offers up to 2 12-month pupillages per year. These pupillages offer £10,000 payable in even amounts throughout the initial six-month period and £10,000 guaranteed earnings in the practising (second six-month) period. 3TG pupils do not pay rent or clerks' fees.

Our selection process consists of three stages.

1. All applications are assessed by the Pupillage Committee in accordance with our published criteria. Chambers is committed to encouraging a diverse and strong Criminal Bar and seeks to interview talented people from all backgrounds and walks of life.

2. Those who score sufficient marks are invited for interview. The interviews are designed to test the applicants' legal knowledge, analytical skills and judgement.

3. Those candidates who excel in the first round interviews are invited for a second round interview.

Each pupil will be allocated 3 pupil supervisors in the year to ensure that a broad range of work, skills and styles are observed. At the satisfactory completion of the 12 months of pupillage; pupils are invited to enter a 6 months period of probationary tenancy prior to making a full application for tenancy to Chambers' Tenancy Committee.

We believe that we operate a favourable travel policy. We recognise that pupils should not be expected to pay for significant journeys outside of London. As a London set, however, we believe that the level of our award covers reasonable travel within London. As such, our policy is that where journeys to court begin within zone 6 but finish outside zone 6, we will reimburse pupils for the portion of travel outside zone 6. This is, on average, £1400 of reimbursed travel expenses per pupil over the 12 month period. We reimburse on a month-to-month basis.

We also reimburse our pupils for completion of any compulsory training courses.

Chambers runs in-house advocacy training throughout the year, conducted by tenants trained and accredited by their respective Inns of Court. These exercises are designed to help pupils in the areas most commonly experienced in their early days of practice.

We expect pupils to work hard and give one-hundred percent commitment; in return, Chambers undertakes to make pupillage a rewarding, enjoyable and challenging experience.
Chambers operates an Equality and Diversity Policy.

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