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Christopher Bertham achieves acquittals in armed robbery trial

Christopher Bertham successfully defended Mr P, who was charged with conspiracy to rob, possession of a firearm, possession of a firearm with intent to commit robbery, conspiracy to supply 4kg of heroin, and conspiracy to possess criminal property (£96 000 cash).

The prosecution alleged that Mr P had brought a firearm to a meeting with a gang of importers of heroin, who expected to sell 4kg for just under £100k.

Mr P attended with others and was alleged to have executed a ‘double-cross' by using the firearm to rob the importers of the drugs, whilst keeping the cash. A high-speed chase followed through the streets of Wembley and Mr P was arrested, whilst the firearm was recovered from a seat he had been occupying in the car.

Mr P was one of six defendants prosecuted, and he was acquitted of all counts by a jury after a trial that lasted 3 weeks.

Christopher Bertham was instructed by Ben Darabi of L.P.Evans.


26 June 2014

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